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Hello everybody!

I've been wanting to ask advice on how to start liking tofu.

The problem is, I used to eat it just fine but one day I decided to make tofu nuggets. I must have messed up the cooking something fierce, as I ended up getting tofu tummy. Now every time I try to eat it, my body gags reflexively. The only time where it isn't an issue is when the tofu is prepared by a chef, but even then I can only stomach so much.

I really want to get used to and like tofu (or tempeh)! It's cheap, easy to prepare, and versatile. Plus, it makes it easy when visiting relatives.

Does anyone have any ideas to curb my tastes back to tofu? All your help is appreciated, thank you!

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    Posted by anahidscv at 08/13/15 11:53:21

    Hello, I am not a fan of tofu either, and its not necessary to consume it. But I prefer tofu in Asian cuisine. It is better flavored and marinated.

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    Posted by thenaturalfusions at 08/17/15 07:30:14

    Hello, I'd say: ginger marinated tofu, carrots tofu "steaks", sheperd's pie (I'll cut and post the video on YouTube when i'll have time soon) , you can also use tofu making cakes. Hope it helps.

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    Posted by recoveringveg at 08/02/17 18:22:22

    Aack!! You can't it is known not to be a tasteful fruit! Understanding this is key to leaving the raw behind as it cannot be cooked (unsafe under 180 fahrenheit of course if you do buy the american version that's a different story )

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