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I'm glad to be part of this forum. I'm glad to be part of this forum and am very excited to learn new things and know more about healthy diet and lifestyle. Post Date: 03/21/18, Replies: 2 03/21/18 2
It's in the seeds Hi, Seeds are the most concentrated form of natural, non genetically modified organism nutrition produced in nature known to mankind. Infact a seed contains 30 times more nutrients and antioxidant potencies than the surrounding fruit tissues. Unlocking those potent nutrients by the unique cold press prossess, seperates the seed fibers from the lipids. And harvests all those concentrated antioxidants, essential fatty acids, dissolved minerals, phospholipids and phyrosteriods. 8-10 portions of fruits + 8-10 portions of vegetables + 2-3 portions of omega fatty acids is equivalent to one small sachet of rain pure seed nutrition. Please feel free to contact me to learn more about seed nutrition, feedback stories, tested health benefits and ordering the right product for you. Become energized, revitalized and detoxified from a cellular and mollecullar level. You deserve to live life to the full and feel amazing. Kind regards Stuart Donaldson Your Rain International distributer. Post Date: 03/05/18, Replies: 2 03/05/18 2
Nutrients and exercise I'm addicted to running. My blood levels are good except for my iron, but I've always had low iron. I know if my iron is too low. I've recently thought about going raw vegan (right now I'm Rawtill4), but my parents won't allow it. I'm really lost, because I'm also wondering if it's such a good idea. As a seventeen year old who can't go a day without running, has low iron, and worries about calcium intake, how do I do it? Should I wait to go raw, and how much will I need to eat if I'm running seven plus miles a day? (I'm training to be an ultra runner, so sometimes it's fourteen miles once or twice a week and moving up)? Post Date: 11/21/17, Replies: 5 11/21/17 5
typical raw vegan day what's a typical eating day for a raw vegan? i've been looking into making the switch and am nervous that if i make the transition all on my own, i'll miss out on some important nutrients, just out of pure ignorance. Post Date: 08/30/17, Replies: 2 08/30/17 2
raw lemons How can lemons be used raw?Salads,of course,and tea adding,as well known.Can they be used otherwise raw?I hear they are serious by health benefits Post Date: 08/02/17, Replies: 3 08/02/17 3
Aack! Tofu! Hello everybody! I've been wanting to ask advice on how to start liking tofu. The problem is, I used to eat it just fine but one day I decided to make tofu nuggets. I must have messed up the cooking something fierce, as I ended up getting tofu tummy. Now every time I try to eat it, my body gags reflexively. The only time where it isn't an issue is when the tofu is prepared by a chef, but even then I can only stomach so much. I really want to get used to and like tofu (or tempeh)! It's cheap, easy to prepare, and versatile. Plus, it makes it easy when visiting relatives. Does anyone have any ideas to curb my tastes back to tofu? All your help is appreciated, thank you! Post Date: 08/02/17, Replies: 3 08/02/17 3
Sprouted Brown Rice- Whats it all about? "What is sprouted brown rice?" "How do you sprout rice?" "What's the benefit?" "Is it healthier?" These are all typical responses I get the first time I tell someone about or show someone sprouted brown rice. While most of us are unfamiliar with sprouted brown rice, sprouting rice is actually a very simple idea. Sprouted brown rice is simply brown rice that is tricked into thinking that it's time to grow into a plant. We place brown rice in a warm, humid environment which encourages the germ (the corner of the rice kernel where life begins) to start the growth process. The rice kernel effectively flips a switch, where its sole purpose is now focused on creating new life. The germ begins pumping vitamins, nutrients and amino acids into the rice kernel in preparation for growth. When the maximum possible nutrition in the rice kernel is reached, we cool it down, locking in all the added vitamins, nutrients and amino acids. While there are many different vitamins and amino acids that are increased during the sprouting process, one specific amino acid has garnished a lot of attention: Gamma Aminobuteric Acid (GABA). It's difficult to delve into every benefit of GABA simply because there are so many claims, but the most pronounced claims are that it lowers anxiety and promotes calmness. There are also claims associated with preventing memory loss, helping with hypertension and even claims about overall brain function. There is still a lot of research to be done on GABA, but so far, it looks very exciting and is definitely something to watch. While the added nutrition is exciting, it is only one of the many benefits to sprouting brown rice. Convenience in cooking rice is important, and we all know that brown rice takes longer to cook than white rice. This is because along with the added vitamins, fiber and protein found in the bran layer of brown rice, the bran layer also contains oil, and we all know oil and water don’t mix. Sprouting brown rice however, will soften the bran layer which shortens the overall cooking time, giving you a super healthy option that is also convenient. Another benefit aside from nutrition is taste. Through all the samples we have given away, the feedback on the taste has been one of the most encouraging. People absolutely love the slightly softer and nutty taste the sprouted brown rice provides. As a final note, something that I find very interesting from the standpoint of a rice mill is that sales of brown rice are a mere fraction of sales of white rice. This tells me that while there is a lot of hype and talk about eating brown rice, most people choose the convenience and taste of white rice. White rice is still a healthy option, but I believe that the added nutrition combined with the added convenience and taste of sprouted brown rice could potentially lead us to the day that we can finally say brown rice sales outnumber white rice sales. Of course, you can't just take my word for it. Try it for yourself! Post Date: 07/22/17, Replies: 2 07/22/17 2
Raw Vegan at Download Festival Hey everyone I'd like to meet more Raw fooders so please say Hi, especially if you live in the UK! So last week I travelled to Download Festival and ate raw all weekend. Kept it really simple and had a lot of fun, whilst still maintaining my health (a big reason we're all in this). I shot a video of the weekend for my YT if anyone is interested Check out my channel and PLEASE get in touch if you'd like to know more about raw food and healthy living. Post Date: 06/20/17, Replies: 0 06/20/17 0
My suggestion on B-12... it's so SIMPLE and so CHEAP: Post Date: 03/16/17, Replies: 0 03/16/17 0
Excalibur Food Dehydrator I am considering getting a food dehydrator, particularly Excalibur (4 tray). Is there anyone here that uses it regularly, that can encourage or discourage me from getting it? I am not looking to go fully raw, but I really want to incorporate that into out life in a significant way. I have a cook book that I like, and many of the recipes call for food dehydrator. (Going Raw by Judita Wignall) Thank you in advance. Post Date: 11/23/16, Replies: 5 11/23/16 5
Fruit •Fruit is about 60-95% water, so it's great for hydration after a long sleep. •Eating fruit on an empty stomach enables us to absorb more nutrients. •Fruit is easily digested and has steady rate of health sugars, so it's a great boost of energy to start your day. It will help your blood sugar, so you're not so cranky and irritable in the morning. •From the hours of 7am to 11am, your body goes through the heaviest phase of detoxification. Fruit is full of fiber and water to help cleans your digestive track. •Fruit has a bunch of great nutrients and minerals to start your day off right. Eating fruit will also boost your immune system and prevent against cardiovascular disease. The vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients will tell the brain it’s satisfied causing the hunger signal to stop. •Fruits like berries, grapefruit, lemon, orange, apricots, and melon boost your metabolism, so you can sleep better, have more energy, and feel firmer. Post Date: 08/14/16, Replies: 0 08/14/16 0
B-12? I've been incorporating more raw foods into my diet and feel great. I have Ani Phyo's 15 day fat blast and was thinking starting it in the new year and then consume a combination of raw and cooked vegan foods after, but one nutrient I'm concerned about is B-12. I suppose I could just keep taking a multi-vitamin, but I was wondering if there is a raw vegan source of B-12? Ani doesn't seem to cover this. Post Date: 08/13/16, Replies: 2 08/13/16 2
Self Love Starter Kit Crowdfunding promoted through Self Love Check Out Post Date: 07/21/16, Replies: 0 07/21/16 0
Restauranteurs Wanted! NY's Favorite Night Post Date: 02/17/16, Replies: 1 02/17/16 1
Selling raw jam in Johannesburg Hi there, after changing my lifestyle a year ago I've been searching for healthy alternatives for foods I love, because of this I have started making and selling raw jams with no added sugar or preservatives in the Johannesburg area. If you would like to know more about my product email Happy healthy wishes to you all Post Date: 01/27/16, Replies: 0 01/27/16 0
Best Raw Vegan Foods / Recipes Hi Guys, What do you think is the BEST raw vegan foods that a restaurant can supply? We are going to be adding more raw vegan foods to our menu ( and i would love to hear from my favorite community, what are people's raw vegan favorites? Any good resources we can go after? Post Date: 08/03/15, Replies: 2 08/03/15 2
adding mono meals to my diet?? I've recently became a vegitatrian and am considering adding mono meals to my diet. Specifically bananas or mango's as breakfast. Any thoughts on this and if it will help or hinder weight loss? Post Date: 04/14/15, Replies: 2 04/14/15 2
RAW foods are Living for You All Fruits and Vegetables have living enzymes in them that aid the phytonutrients to the cells of your body. Even when you lightly steam vegetables you kill or damages the enzymes. Cooking your food changes your food and your body doesn't recognize the food. Which activates your immune system to fight off this foreign object you've put in your body. If your diet is 51% cooked food, out of habit your body activates your immune system every time you eat. Weather it is cooked or RAW. This is over working and weakening our immune systems and that's why the medical and medicine industry has sky rocketed so high. Your RAW fruits and vegetables are ALIVE and waiting to serve you in the best way. They are a living to aid your digestion, heart health, vision, skin liver and the rest of your body. That's what food is for, your nutrition and development. Take care of your body by putting in RAW fruits and vegetables!!! Tell me what you think about this topic I love discussions. :) Adam Blend It Healthy Post Date: 02/20/15, Replies: 0 02/20/15 0
Raw food eaters, cool designed shirts! What do you think of this design i created specialy for raw food eaters ? Take a look: Hope you love it :-) Post Date: 02/08/15, Replies: 0 02/08/15 0
broccoli, kale, bok choy bad for thyroid? I just read that eating the above veggies raw cut off the iodine and stunt the thyroid. My wife and I are eating so many of these foods raw. Our green smoothies and also spinach, collard greens etc. We are newly raw and want to lose weight. So far we haven't lost a thing and I am scared that we will be messing up our thyroid, thus making it even more difficult to lose. We are putting in our calories and are between 1300-1600. We have never eaten better and are feeling so frustrated. Post Date: 01/18/15, Replies: 3 01/18/15 3
LiveIn Vegan Food Preparer Job, Caribbean I am looking for someone to prepeare healthy, simple meals for myself and my husband in exchange for room and board on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. What I am asking for is 15 hours per week. That's 3 hours/day (lunch and or dinner, depending on the day), 5 days/week of meal prep and light house-cleaning. We will pay well if you go over 15 hours. You would get 2 entire days off to go to the beach, or get a part-time job, or whatever. If we need you to do more than 15 hours, we will pay you for the hours over 15. We live at SunDog House ( Interested persons please contact us through our website. Post Date: 01/13/15, Replies: 0 01/13/15 0
Raw Food Reality I don't want to rain on the raw food parade... BUT I encourage everyone interested in following a 100% raw food diet to read the Dr. McDougall nutrition link above. The McDougall Diet (human being diet) is based on "starches" and, though I enjoy raw food, most of it is fats and sugar (nuts & fruit). I definitely enjoy raw food restaurants and raw veggies, but the majority of my diet is based on starch. If you take the time to read Dr. McDougall or visit his clinic I think your's will be, too :) Post Date: 07/03/14, Replies: 7 07/03/14 7
Raw food Chef permanent job in Paris Hello! We are delighted to announce the opening of the first raw vegan restaurant in France! Our restaurant is not only located in Paris, but is also based in one of the most exiting and full of life Parisian quarter. The place is trendy and modern with an open kitchen and great conditions. As the opening will be soon, we are looking for a well dedicated raw vegan Chef, someone who shares our same passion and who's willing to join our loving team. We are offering a permanent job, salary will be discussed according to Chefs' job experience , but of course we will happily help with anything else, regarding moving out here, finding an apartment, and making sure no one gets home sick. If this this job opportunity is appealing to you, or if you know someone who might be interested in it, please feel free to contact me on PM Any other advice, recommendation or feedback would be helpful. Kind regards Post Date: 04/15/14, Replies: 0 04/15/14 0
Looking for Raw Unkilned Oat Groats anyone know where I can get raw (organic) unkilned oat groats (in Toronto or online) ? Been looking everywhere and can't find (really need these!) Post Date: 02/15/14, Replies: 0 02/15/14 0
Raw Food Living I know food health very useful but I don't know what raw food living?please said to me,what is raw food living.I want know. Post Date: 11/26/13, Replies: 1 11/26/13 1
Gas & Raw Food I've been experimenting with raw food & have been having problems with gas. Anyone have similar issues? Post Date: 10/01/13, Replies: 12 10/01/13 12

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