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Meat contain urea and uric acid!Experiment shows that when meat formed 25 % of a rat diet the rats because bigger and more active than other rats on a normal diet.But after a few months the kidneys of the meat eating rats became badly damaged!Cows with eye cancer are usually milked until they go blind,after which they are allowed by government regulation to be sold for meat,provided only that the cancer does not show up in too many parts of the body.Cows that died of leukemia are also sold as food!Cancer in chicken has several forms,there is a particular form in which a chicken may live out its natural life without any signs of cancer,while all the time it is infecting other chickens!These form of cancer are very diffcult to detect and the cancer chicken is usually being sold to the market as food! Extract from owens s parrett,MD.WHY L AM A VEGETARIAN

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Death comes to all but with proper food and Natural Medicine,you can live healthier and longer life!DEATH have no reason to take you Earlier!

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