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I still nurse my toddler and plan to keep him vegan as long as I can. Anyone have experience weaning their toddler? Any tips and advance? My main question, do I give him milk alternative to help wean him? Problem is I don’t want him getting used to a milk alternative because I don’t think it’s necessary but I guess I can always wean him off that when he is older. Advice and tips please! TIA

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    Posted by PhilipBrown at 02/25/18 19:56:35

    Raised my twins vegan since birth. They are 5 now. I assume toddler means two or older? There is absolutely no need to use milk alternatives. I focused on nutrients and what nutrients are provided by milk alternatives. For example fortified milk alternatives have b-12 added, so I'd be sure to give them B-12, or for calcium I'd give them plenty of leafy greens, nuts, etc. I recommend for a more complete response . Good luck!

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