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Hello. Ive got one big problem - a big defficit of D vitamin, maybe little onset to a rickets :( I really dont want be sick.. my mum thinks, i must eat eggs, fishes, milk products, and this horriblest- fish oil!!! but I am vegan. And she doesnt understand, shes hysteric, she thinks i can die... please, advise me some vegetable source of vitamin D! And ive got a little defficits of vitamin B12 and pottasium. Please, someone who knows advise me :) ill be very happy :) thanks

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    Posted by webmaster at 04/28/11 19:29:07

    Hi BlackberryCocaine,

    Not sure about your issues, but just heard about a new Vit D3 which is vegan. D3 has always come from an animal source in the past and is said to be better than D2. I've heard good things about this from friends who are taking it.

    Here's a link on Amazon:

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    Posted by Chuck at 07/24/11 14:44:03

    I use this vitamin from the Vegan Society and it's cheap and tastes good. Plus, it's chewable which is a cool throwback to being a kid.

    Here's what is has:

    Vitamin B2
    Vitamin B6
    Vitamin B12
    Vitamin D
    Folic Acid

    Here's the site, good luck!

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    Posted by knightofalbion at 11/28/11 07:04:33

    Top post, Webmaster!

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    Posted by knightofalbion at 11/28/11 07:29:42

    D2 is synthetic. It's cheap, basic and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, though it is not as well absorbed as D3.D3 is derived from fish (cod liver oil or halibut liver oil); lanolin (sheep grease), which is suitable for vegetarians; and now mushrooms, which is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

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    Posted by knightofalbion at 11/28/11 07:37:15

    The best source of vitamin D by far is sunshine. So get out in the sun, the more flesh exposed the better.
    Around midday is the best time to take the sun.

    Sunshine is vital for our physical and mental wellbeing. But respect the sun and don't get burnt!

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    Posted by knightofalbion at 11/28/11 07:41:40

    Vitamin D is vital for the proper functioning of our immune system and has been shown to be pivotal in preventing a whole host of ailments. The very latest research for example links low vitamin D levels with male infertility.
    And Dr Cedric Garland says that 2,000 i.u. of supplementary vitamin D a day, together with 10 - 15 minutes in the sun, can reduce breast cancer risk by 50%.

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    Posted by knightofalbion at 11/28/11 07:44:46

    Remember that supplementary vitamin D is fat-soluble i.e. You must take your vitamin D tablet with a meal containing some fat or you won't absorb it.

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    Posted by happy_kitty at 11/28/11 14:31:05

    I agree with kinghtfalbion that the best source of vitamin D is sun exposure. If you cannot have it, you'd need to take vitamin D3 suplments. I was also vitamin D deficient (quite usual if you live in the UK) and got back to normal levels by having vitamin D3 suplments. Good luck, I hope you get better soon!

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    Posted by samiam914 at 12/04/11 16:40:25

    From what I have read, vitamin D is essential, it is misclassfied as a vitamin instead of as harmone. A harmone has a huge impact on the body.

    As I understand D2 is plant based (from algae i think), which body stores and converts it into D3 for body use; D3 is from animal source.

    One source for D3 is lanolin, comes from sheeps' wool, they do not have to kill the animal, but you need to make sure the capsule is made for vegetarians (not from animal gelatin).
    To the best of my knowledge taking Vitamin D2 made for vegetarians/vegans should suffice the need (vitamin D3 is directly used by the body). Most important of all is getting sunshine, if you have white skin, all you need is 15 minutes of sun exposure per day (darker the skin, need to be longer in the sun), which is hard to do in northern climates, so do it during summer at least.

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    Posted by samiam914 at 12/04/11 16:43:03

    If I remember right, Bananas have potassium and they are delicious.

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    Posted by steve19800 at 01/27/12 03:08:17

    knightofalbion [PM]- 11/28/2011 07:29:42
    D2 is synthetic. It's cheap, basic and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, though it is not as well absorbed as D3.D3 is derived from fish (cod liver oil or halibut liver oil); lanolin (sheep grease), which is suitable for vegetarians; and now mushrooms, which is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

    But based on the scientific research it says D3 is equally effective as D2. Check this out:

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    Posted by jhailstone at 02/04/12 07:35:21

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I saw your question and just had to share with you that I just posted an article about vitamin D and sunshine. Sunshine is free. You don't have to try to find a food with vitamin D, unless it's the middle of winter and always cloudy. In that case, I would get some vitamin D3 pills. Your body stores plenty of vitamin D if you get out in the sunshine sufficiently during the warm months. Don't burn yourself though.

    And, watch out for the sunscreen creams and sprays, they cause cancer while they keep the sunshine out of your body. You can check out my sunshine article if you want at

    Oh and tell your mom to check out some of the articles on my site, it will help her relax and like what you are trying to do.

    I've also posted some information about B12 on my site. There is a recipe for rejuvelac. For potassium, you will get a big boost if you eat a banana and a potato daily.

    Oh dear, you are really having a lot of nutritional issues with rickets and all. I recommend you got to to learn about what you need daily for diet (doctor recommended) Then, you won't be having so many problems. Take a B12 pill daily for insurance.

    Have a sunny day! :)

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    Posted by Rookkee at 06/20/12 02:12:47

    There are not a lot of food that is rich with vitamin D. It is better to be more on the sun or you can use some supplements with the Vitamin D.

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    Posted by Posi Britt at 06/24/12 23:05:40

    Shiitake mushrooms are rich in Vitamin D2. If you want to take a supplement like I do, try the Now brand of D2. Helped my increase my levels. Before taking it and because I live in Canada where sun exposure during certain parts of the year can be limited, I was so low the doctor thought I was dead. (Just felt tired that was all). Its good stuff.

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    Posted by HomemadeLevity at 07/01/12 06:22:53

    Fascinating I did not know that shiitakes were rich in D2. I will up my intake! Not too long ago I found myself with CRAZY low vitamin D on a vegan diet as well, so I started taking supplements. The supplements actually made me feel much better. I'm very fair and always wear sunscreen so I don't get as much Vitamin D as I should that way.

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    Posted by AConferenceOfPears at 10/07/12 03:07:19

    Vit D2 supplements are usually made from alfalfa and are therefore vegan. The D3 supplements are made from lanolin and therefore not vegan. Sunlight is of course the best source but in the winter it's hard to be outside for enough hours to help.
    As far as I"m aware, Vit D2 is absorbed just as well as Vit D3 - they have the same effect on the body, the only difference being vegan vs non-vegan.

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    Posted by Helen Woodard at 10/20/14 14:01:39

    Most of the vitamin D in your diet comes from fortified foods, such as dairy products and alternatives, breakfast cereals, juices and margarine.

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    Posted by J and J at 10/21/14 13:26:16

    From my understanding, sunshine and making your own is optimal. But if you're in the north this only works a month or two out of the year. I take a vegan D3 supplement. Most vegan D is D2, which is not as easily absorbed, however you can get vegan D3 that comes from mushrooms.

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    Posted by Minnya at 12/21/15 08:13:22

    Wild mushrooms contain vitamin D. Although I wouldn't rely on it if one lives on North where getting D from sun is limited for few months a year. It's also good to remember that too much sun can cause skin cancer.

    Luckily nowdays there's vegan D3 available. North you should take supplement 10-25 µg (start of october to end on march).It's really important for preventing osteoporosis, flus and stuff. Also calcium needs D to absorb properly.

    For babies and pregnant all year round 10-25 µg (Finnish vegan society recommends 20 for babies and 50 for pregnant). Elderly 20 µg.

    Also D should always be taken with meal, not empty stomach.

    These recommendations are Finnish, but elsewhere they may recommend higher doses.

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