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I am in a program that people who are interested in veganism can get help going vegan. All the people interested in veganism get paired with a coach who has to have been vegan at least one year. I am going to be coaching someone who is an Ashkenazi Jew. The coaching is going to go though Passover which is going to limit what food I can teach him about. I am an atheist and don't know much about what foods he is and isn't allowed to eat. I like using mock meat but from what I can tell all the mock meats are in some violation of the Passover food laws. Is there some mock meat I can teach him about. I really don't know much about what he will and will not be able to eat because of the Passover so any all information will be helpful.

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    Posted by xpressoholic at 03/05/13 12:32:54

    Any grains/legumes are out for Passover - so perhaps nutmeat? A good place to start is with tree nuts & quinoa is a good option (it is a grass not a grain so can be eaten by Ashkenazi).
    A good food for Passover is beets - it is an accepted replacement for the lamb that is traditional at Passover. Meals like roasted beet, spring vege & quinoa salads are just perfect for Passover and there is the old stand by of latkes (grated potato) - alot of Passover food is based on potato or potato flour. My plans this year are to try lots of coconut based food as I have recently become a van of coconut oil, flour & sugar.
    Also remember if you would normally use soy milk this is also out for Passover - so something like almond milk (or coconut milk?!) should be used instead.

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