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I have been vegan for four years now. I have always had some sort of back pain, but over the last two years it has become severe and getting worse. I have been told that I have degenerative disc disease with four areas affected (bone on bone). Has my vegan diet contributed to the worsening of the condition? I have read that plant based diet is excellent for inflammation and I also have read since I don't have protein fats in my diet, it is causing my bones to degenerate. What can I do?

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    Posted by HuiLingChiang at 11/05/15 07:16:51

    As I concern, you should not eat the protein from soya that causes pain in the bone as well, so some of the foods you might not try just in case there's ingrident as soya ... you can try to stir fry the vegetables with ginger and make yourself comfortable with lots of colour as five different colours to help your organs healthier and happier as well such as yellow good for your stomach, red for the heart, green for your liver, white for your lungs, black(purple) for your kidneys so delicous and good for you too ... God bless you also all the Buddah will help you through not gain in pain ever again!

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    Posted by Hootinthehouse at 08/11/17 17:25:50

    Go to amazon and buy "Healing Back Pain" by Dr. John Sarno. It might just save your life as it did mine.

    Let me know if you have any questions. It's $7, but might save you from a lifetime of pain and buying drugs and products to "heal" your pain. It paid off for me in about a second.

    I'm happy to help if you have any questions,


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