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Okay, so I switched to a Vegan diet about a month or so ago. My stomach is upset every single day - is this normal? I have cut back on coffee thinking maybe it was the caffeine. Is there a transitional period? I also don't eat a lot of soy but I have an 8 ounce glass of soy milk everyday.


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    Posted by Tatiana at 05/14/08 10:56:55

    It could potentially be related. If you quickly increased your fiber intake, there can be a period of adjustment, during which time you can have a lot of gas, bloating, stomach upset, etc. You always want to make sure to get plenty of fluids when increasing fiber as well. You could also be having gas if you increased gassy vegetables or beans as well, specifically. You can try beano to help if that were the case (just provides the enzyme you need to break down the carbs in those foods so you don't get as gassy). There could be a lot of other specific reasons as well, but it's hard to tell without looking at what you eat now vs what you were eating before as well as what other medical, etc things are going on with you. I'd suggest a f/u with a dietitian that you can sit down with, which is a good idea when transitioning your diet anyways to make sure you are eating a balanced diet. You may also want to f/u with you MD to make sure it isn't a medical issue.

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    Posted by Katylynn2000 at 05/14/08 13:05:52

    Thanks for the response! I totally think it is the increase in veggie and especially beans... Off to buy beanO! Oh, I have also noticed I haven't been drinking as much water as well because of my upset stomach - so I will power through it because it is a catch22.

    Thanks again!

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    Posted by auungbong at 05/14/08 18:42:08

    Hey Katylynn!

    Yeah if you are comsuming lots of raw veggies, broccoli, zuchinni etc.. it stinks (literally)! haha

    Yeah keep drinking water and you know I noticed when I would get an upset stomach after eating raw veggies or peanuts (a disaster I know) I would go bike riding or do some sort of exercise just to keep moving around and not 'feel' the stomach problems.

    My mom told me to eat apples if I start feeling the problems; she says it tightens up the stomach? I dont know I tried it and it worked. Well regardless, congrats on your start to the vegan diet!

    oh! also, cup of mint tea or any tea usually soothes the stomach too!

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    Posted by SynthVegan at 05/18/08 07:15:13

    Hello. When I became fully Vegan my bloating and upset stomach symptoms subsided. I lived my whole life with these problems and Veganism rectified them. :)

    Congrats on your transition!

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    Posted by webmaster at 05/18/08 22:11:25

    Hi Katylynn2000,

    How's it going for you? Be sure to chew well and consider using vegan digestive enzymes (papaya source).
    Best of luck :-)

    fyi tatiana- as far as I know, beano is not vegan, contains gelatin.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 05/19/08 08:59:02

    webmaster - Thanks so much, I was having an impossible time trying to find that information on their website!!!! Now I know, I'd just been telling people I wasn't sure, lol.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 05/19/08 09:04:48

    Ok well, I just emailed Beano requesting that information so we'll know for sure. It's frustrating because I've done so much research on it and their website does not indicate anything other than natural enzymes, so it's hard to decipher.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 05/21/08 09:48:05

    webmaster, thanks again so much for the heads up, I was always wondering if Beano was suitable for veg or not. You were absolutely right, here is the response I got from them:

    "We have received your e-mail on the Beano® website.

    The gelatin that is used in Beano® is derived from fish and is used as a processing aid/enzyme stabilizer. Other than the gelatin, there are no other animal derivatives in the Beano® product.

    We appreciate your interest in Beano® and hope that you find this information to be helpful."

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    Posted by Katylynn2000 at 05/21/08 15:12:29

    Wow - you guys are great! I bought some of those GasX strips but have yet to use them... I am still getting the upset stomachaches a lot. Maybe I do need to try that enzyme....

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    Posted by KellyVeganGirl at 06/18/08 19:43:43

    Not only is there fish in Beano it's tested on animals since it's from GlaxoSmithKline.Increasing fiber too fast can cause major gas believe me I know.Gas-x also tests on animals. I tried that years ago before I knew they were evil and it didn't even work for me.Vegetarian probiotics can help with gas . You can find them at Health Food Stores.My stomache is extremely sensitive so what I find helps the most is not eating too much fiber, drinking herbal tea and exercising.

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    Posted by Phantom010436 at 09/15/08 00:30:41

    Drink fennel tea.Fennel seeds are great for digestion,slimming,eyes and have a lot more health benefits.

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    Posted by lmzeigler at 01/07/09 12:47:52

    Beanzyme is a vegan Beano.

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    Posted by greensheen at 03/22/10 23:17:08

    No, you are not alone. It's apparently normal for vegetarians and vegans to have daily stomach problems, as I've had them since I went veggie (about 18yrs. ago). It's a daily cycle of internal gas and bloating and external gas. Every day at work I have gas attacks (which makes me ever so popular). I've tried Beano and all the other over-the-counter gas remedies, to no avail. They don't work. I didn't have this problem before starting the vegetarian diet. Could it be that people who give up meat as adults and teenagers can't properly digest veggie faire? I don't want to give up on it (if I did, I'd have done it when the stomach problems began). I don't have health insurance, so I can't go see a specialist (which I'm sure some of you would suggest).

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    Posted by jerek07 at 05/03/11 03:55:35

    Raw fruit dampens the digestive fire, especially during the winter when we are already cold. As such, those with weak digestion might find that eating raw fruit with meals causes intestinal gas and bloating. Cooked fruit is a fine dessert, and you can still use raw fruit for snacks — but know that even as an occasional snack, fruit might be a problem if your digestive fire is smoldering rather than blazing.


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    Posted by AJOnlyBetter at 10/25/11 16:44:10

    I had the same problem! Shortly after going raw veg, I started having stomach pains.

    I found the perfect remedy (for myself anyway). Every night before bed, I take my digestive enzyme. Almost immediately the pain went away, never to return.

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    Posted by Dougdoo at 02/08/12 14:21:18

    HELP! I am so confused by what I have read above. I started a vegan diet Saturday and have had major stomach problems. What is going on? Monday I was constipated, yesterday I was nauseous and threw up. I am ready to switch back. Help!

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    Posted by NamasteAllDay at 03/05/12 03:44:50

    I'm having the same problem too. I went raw in December and since then I've had a hard time with the transition. I don't have cravings or anything, but the changes to my hormone levels (soy acts like estrogen in the body and can be dangerous in high quantities...didn't know that until my body started freaking out!) have really done a number on my digestive system. One day I'll be constipated, the next I'll be in the bathroom all day, and the gas is awful! I feel so bad for my fiancé. Nothing fact, I'm convinced OTC gas aids make it worse. Just figuring out which foods make me react is a not-so-fun game of trial and error :(

    I was thinking about doing a juice fast (more veggies than fruit, and I have an awesome juicer) for 7-10 days or a cleanse (I like the Whole Body Cleanse, and typically do one every three months). Does anyone think it will help, or just make it worse??

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