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SIGG Bottle Users -- Get A BPA-Free Replacement

You are probably among the legions of people who plunked down about $15.00 for a supposedly safe-for-you-and-the-earth aluminum bottle.

Phew, no more worries about BPA...or so you thought.

Read on for information about how to get compensated from SIGG.

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    Posted by shearwater at 09/08/09 17:07:11

    I did the same thing, replaced my Nalgene plastic water bottles for aluminum. But knowing the dangers of too much aluminum and wondering if the liner was safe I soon traded up when I found stainless steel.

    Such is life! Hopefully getting better all the time even if it is by slow increments never quite reaching perfection.

    At least some of us are evolving. I see people everywhere still using disposable plastic water bottles not caring about health or earth. And I pick them up everywhere too - streams, lakes, beaches.

    If there's a better alternative (unbreakable of course) than stainless steel water bottles please let me know.

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