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a friend of mine changed for being vegetarian
some years ago. after being that for a while he broke out in a rash. red spots started to cover his body everywhere!
first he thought he was alergic to his new bought cats, but when he didn`t know what to do anymore, he tried to eat meat again-and the rash disappeared for good.
desperately wanting to be vegetarian he tried again now.And again the rash shoed up on his arms!

what could the reason be? is there something missing in his diet? unfortunately he doesn`t trust doctors and doesn`t want to take bloodsamples so it is hard to check. but does anybody know what to do???

thanks so much for help!

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    Posted by SinEros at 07/30/09 03:14:46

    Your friend should try and just see the doctor, it'll be over with soon and they might diagnose something if they do a blood test. He might not want to but i guess he needs encouraging to go. heehehe Sorry theres nothing else I can say. Hope you's figure it out and he stays Veggie for good!

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    Posted by shearwater at 07/31/09 19:38:48

    Your friend's rash might be caused by something he's eating when he goes veggie rather than something he's not eating. Food allergies are common and can cause a rash. One common food allergen is soy so if your friend is eating more soy when he stops eating meat that might explain his reaction. Or it could be another food he's adding or eating more of when he goes veggie. Some other common food allergens are wheat, peanuts, and eggs. Pinpointing and eliminating a food causing an allergy might take care of the rash. He can still be a healthy veggie even if he has to eliminate one particular food, even soy. I also would recommend talking to a doctor if the rash is persistent.

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    Posted by Hannah at 08/07/09 10:42:59

    I would like to suggest you to convince your friend to consult doctor once. Its really Important.


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    Posted by vegitariangrl at 03/28/10 09:44:31

    i am a vegetarian and i broke out in the rash it is said that is caused by a lack of protein.

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    Posted by shearwater at 03/29/10 08:01:48

    I can't imagine a vegetarian not getting enough protein. It's easy for even vegans to get more than enough. In fact meat eaters get too much and that's one of the reasons they have so many health problems.

    Beans, whole grains, soy products, oatmeal, brown rice, broccoli, peas, nuts, seeds, even one potato provides an adult with enough protein for the day.

    I always tell people who either are interested in going veggie or tried it and failed that you really have to eat healthy. Eat a balanced diet. Going veggie doesn't mean a diet of iceberg lettuce and rice cakes. It's one of those myths among non-veggies that we have problems getting protein when in fact it's so easy.

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