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I was so healthy and I always bragging about my health for many years but recently, I wake up several times at night to go bathroom to urinate.
There are many natural remedies for old people who are suffering from same problem I am suffering.
Many people found solution to this problem by eating pumpkin seeds or pumpkin seeds extract with soy.
Few weeks ago, I ordered pumpkin seeds from and ate almost one package of seeds (one package = one pound) in few days.
Guess what?
After I finish eating these pumpkin seeds, I start having horrible bloating.
When I checked ingredients, canola oil and or cotton seeds oil are part of ingredients.
Canola oil and cotton seeds oils are from genetically modified plants and heavily splayed with pesticide.
I really start worrying about my health after I consumed pumpkin seeds from above company knowing nobody knows for sure exactly what kind of negative effect on my health.
It is so scarly about consumption of Genetically Modified food we eat but knowing so many foods contain wheat, soy, corn, canola and cotton seeds oil,etc, it is so difficult for us to avoid foods conatain GMO.
Please read ingredients before you buy foods and avoid GMO as much as you can.

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    Posted by Heidi B. at 12/01/10 19:23:17

    I found this article regarding avoiding GMOs

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    Posted by Heidi B. at 12/05/10 13:51:58

    Here is another article, this time on genetically-modified oranges.

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    Posted by sunshine7 at 01/12/11 19:57:13

    Heidi, I know about genetically modified salmon but oranges too?
    Knowing so many foods contain Genetically modified ingredients, we are taking chance of getting GMO products when we buy foods without carefully checking the ingredients. start telling people that their products are certified organic, but can we trust??
    Many companies lie about their products and telling us that what they are selling is true organic products and not GMO products.
    Guess what?
    I caught lie of some companies when I went on internet to check on them.

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    Posted by sunshine7 at 02/04/11 13:01:30

    It is so disgusting knowing GMO fruits, vegetables, and grains are increasing and our freedom to choose true organic foods are geting difficult.
    If 70% of ingredients are organic, producers can paste organic level on their products?
    Is this means when we are eating supposedly organic products, we are consuming 30% of GMO products?

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