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Personally I choose to drink pure water, teas, fruit juices & vegetable juices - I am not in favor of drinking my own urine or the urine of cows!

Are there any "piss takers" here on

Do you get "Chinese AUT urges" or "Morarji Desai moments"?

Excerpt -

+ According to Xinhua news agency more than three million Chinese drink their own urine believing that it is good for their health. AUT (Auto-Urine Therapy) is an ancient practice as it finds mention in many old texts of India such as Shivambhu Kalpa Vidhi and Damar Tantra. Shivambhu literally means water of Lord Shiva, a Hindu God. Urine therapists often speak of drinking Shivambhu, which means drinking the water of auspiciousness.

Former Prime Minister of India Morarji Desai, who lived up to the age of 99, has been the most well known proponent of this therapy. He claimed that India would have been better off if more people used this extremely inexpensive and effective way of treatment. He also attributed to AUT the credit for his longevity. +

The US Military recommend against it if you a soldier gets lost in Iraq / Afghanistan - so John McCain & General David Petraeus are also probably "dead against it" -

Excerpt -

+ It has been suggested that when a person is in desert survival or surrounded by salt water and devoid of drinking water that the person must resort to drinking his/her own urine if it is the only liquid available. As it tends to cause further dehydration due to the salts in it, drinking urine for survival is advised against by the US Army Field Manual,.............. + now has a whole section of their company dedicated to it -

Though if you do decide to buy any of the books please always enter Amazon through the HappyCow link - so that your piss drinking benefits the HappyCows also -

In India drinking cow's urine AKA "taking the piss of the Mother" is almost the norm -

However be careful, be careful, be careful not to develop mad cow disease - especially if you are a cow urine drinker living in or visiting Canada -

+ Urine Has Clue That May Lead to Mad Cow Test, Scientists Say +

By Stefanie Batcho-Lino

Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Canadian scientists have discovered a way to detect mad cow disease in urine, a finding that could lead to the first test for the infection in live animals.

Researchers, working with Germany's Research Institute for Animal Health, found that changes in the level of a certain protein in cattle urine signaled the presence of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, more commonly known as mad cow disease, Canadian health officials said today in a statement. Presently animals can only be diagnosed with mad cow after death.

Canada confirmed its 14th case of mad cow disease on Aug. 15, which sent cattle futures lower. Last year, the U.S. lifted most of its restrictions on Canadian beef and cattle after determining the animals pose ``minimal risk'' for BSE. People can get the disease by eating meat from infected animals.

``We are hopeful that at some point in the future the knowledge gained from this study will make it possible to test live cattle,'' Dr. David Knox, a scientist at the laboratory and lead researcher on the study published in Proteome Science, said in the statement.

The scientists analyzed the proteins in urine samples taken from four infected and four healthy cows. They also found that increases in the amount of protein corresponded with progression of mad cow disease in the animals, the statement said.


Quote by Morarji Desai -

"One has got to choose between the two evils, also between the lesser of the two evils in the matter of food, and therefore vegetarian food has got to he taken by man in order to sustain human life."


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    Posted by Sigmund at 07/06/09 09:44:58

    I agree that this kind of activity should be frowned upon for medicinal purposes. Surely this sort of thing is merely recreational.

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    Posted by Vegeplay2000 at 07/07/09 00:17:34

    Speaking of piss medicine, I piss on my feet in the shower every morning because the ammonia wards off athlete's foot. Pee can also be used as shampoo, it's the body's natural disinfectant/antibiotic. In the event of a fire or chemical attack, you should piss onto a cloth and hold it over your mouth to filter smoke and chemicals.

    However you choose to use piss recreationally is up to you and your crazy friends.

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    Posted by starrynight at 09/01/09 02:24:01


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