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Anyone else getting communications from the Far East about this?

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 12/12/17 01:47:53

    I know the pineal gland as the third eye chakra. I eat wheat gluten and all my chakras are open and operating at a high frequency.

    The problem is most people are not eating the whole wheat grain. That's the way nature intended us to eat wheat. Not the stripped version that we get in processed foods, like enriched wheat or bleached wheat grains. And all the chemical additives.

    My pineal gland/third eye is open to a high frequency by eating a good plant based vegan diet. My brain is like a computer, only because I feed it good whole grains, vegetables, and fruits from the earth. That's just me. But it works. I try to keep my mind, body, and spirit clear and clean while being in this 3D body. My mind is in 5D by desire. That's where we are headed as humans. The body has to be fed higher energy earth foods. Chew on that and let me know your thoughts--anybody?

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