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Hi I recently made the decision to become vegan for health reasons and would like to know what things should I eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle

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    Posted by erinski at 02/23/16 18:53:14

    Go to

    Play around on the website. There is a wealth of information there for you. You will feel amazing if you follow this path. Good luck to you and happy eating!


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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/24/16 04:23:05

    The McDougall's are great.

    Possibly an even better site is
    The Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine has been a leader in nutrition education and ethics for many years...

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    Posted by EthanD at 02/24/16 05:24:29

    Hi Charles.
    I too have started a vegan diet for past one month. I would say it is quite challenging. I have to hold myself everytime to eat anything. But I will go as long as possible.
    Just start with some fruit diet and gradually move to vegan recipes.

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    Posted by anahidscv at 02/26/16 12:53:11

    I live in California, so its easy for me. But if you eat out based on where I live, there are many options available for vegans on the menus. Also, you can order by leaving things out like cheese, mayo and etc. Example, I would order the pizza without the cheese but with lots of veggies and sauce on it. Most doughs are vegan. If you cook at home, remember all you have to do is take your recipes and leave out the meat and dairy and eggs. Very easy to transform recipes into vegan recipes. There are many milk substitutes and egg replacers for baking. Good luck.

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