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hello i have just become a vegetarian...and i was wondering if i should start taking vitamins. ive been trying to eat a very wide varity of food. please give me some starting tips or suggestion!!

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    Posted by seanf399 at 06/08/09 06:14:45

    don't worry about it! Unless you are vegan you have no need to take B12 or worry about eating B12 fortified foods. All other nutrients are found easily throughout the plant kingdom and you should have no difficultly getting them all. If you are worried though you should look for vegan/vegetarian vitamins to cover all of your bases and I recommend reading Becoming Vegetarian or Becoming Vegan to figure where to get your nutrients.

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    Posted by *Little Bit* at 07/28/09 12:54:23

    Hey! I just became a vegetarian a couple months ago. You can get vitamins for vegetarians at a local whole food store. I was told VeggieLite is great! Once I'm done with Womens One A Day, I'm gonna switch to a Veggie friendly vitamin. Good luck & glad to see you here! :)

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    Posted by fairygirl25 at 06/16/10 08:45:56

    Hi im a newbie too at this whole thing. I was told to get vit b12 and to start taking vitamins. I take the one a day for women and the b12. I just gt my blood taken the other day too see what my vit levels are at.

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    Posted by Peace ... at 06/16/10 20:34:12

    Great to know another vegetarian :)

    Don't worry too much but at the same time need to listen to your body. Not too sure whether you have been eating a balance diet before you switch to vegetarian diet.

    For vegetarian B12 is not a worry unless you are eating very very little egg, dairy product. There are many good sources on how to eat a healthy veg*n diet, such info can be located in vegetarian society web etc ...

    Here is one article from Health Promotion Board -

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 05/11/12 10:09:26

    If you've gone vegetarian, without your taking a single vitamin your health will exponentially improve. Stick with it and your risk of heart disease, diabetes and many cancers will significantly reduce. Consider going vegan which will further improve your health.

    As a vegetarian, as long as you are eating a well balanced diet there is no need to supplement. But if you find yourself going heavy on the twizzlers and french fries from time to time, you may want to take a vegetarian multi-vitamin as an insurance policy.

    If you go 100% vegan, you need to supplement B12.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 05/11/12 10:46:38

    Here's the dealio on B12:

    • Vitamin B-12 can only be manufactured by bacteria and can only be found naturally in animal products, however, synthetic forms are widely available and added to many foods like cereals.
    • Vitamin B-12 can be consumed in large doses because excess is excreted by the body or stored in the liver for use when supplies are scarce. Stores of B-12 can last for up to a year.
    • A slight deficiency of vitamin B-12 can lead to anemia, fatigue, mania, and depression, while a long term deficiency can potentially cause permanent damage to the brain and central nervous system.

    So you're thinking, "If I go vegan then I have to supplement B12 so it must be healthier to be a vegetarian right?" Wrong! Milk has about 8% of your recommended daily value of B12 (per 100 gram serving). That's not much B12. Cheese clocks in higher with Swiss cheese provides the most at 56% DV, Mozzarella 39% DV and Feta 28% DV. But compare that to the foods richest in B12 like clams (1,648%!) and salmon (302%) and you can see that it simply is not worth it to subject your body to the high cholesterol and systemic inflammation caused by dairy. You're way better off ditching the dairy and taking a B12 supplement. Especially b/c it is so easy to do. You can grab a bottle of 5 Hour Energy at just about any store. One bottle has 8,333%DV of B12! Yes you read that right, EIGHT THOUSAND percent DV. Or grab a multi-vitamin, drink fortified soymilk, or eat fortified's so easy.

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