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I like any advice and direction that anyone could provide on natural ways to help lower high blood pressure. I'm a Vegan, and would greatly like to get off my pills and into natural and organic ways to keep my blood pressure down. I've just begun to use Yoga for stress reduction, and breathing for control, but anything additional I could do to get it under control would be greatly appreciated.

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    Posted by balou at 07/22/11 06:26:18

    Hi , I know that hibiscus tea and parsley lower blood pressure . maybe you give it a try . yoga needs time to work for your body ,I make it every day and it's like the time when you go vegan , it takes time to see results !

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    Posted by healthways001 at 08/11/11 22:11:43

    You can control your high blood pressure by the use of some natural diets or some natural exercise. You can do Yoga once a day or eat green vegetarian food for better results.

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    Posted by Dia at 08/14/11 00:21:18

    Beet root, dandelion and celery are natural diuretics and work well. It's difficult to eat that much of any of those but they are available in capsule form and not difficult to take.

    I've reduced my 150mgs of Atenolol a day to 25mgs once a day. My bp is steady at 124/66. Drugs have so many side affects. Lisinopril an ACE caused a cough and lowered my bp too much, then an ARP (can't remember the name) caused swelling and also a too low bp. Earlier I took triamterene/htcz but when I developed borderline kidney failure I was taken off of it. Sheesh! Drugs aren't the answer, adjust your diet and lifestyle. Try natural supplements and breeeeeath deeply, slowly and calmly.

    Go to the Mayo Clinic site for hypertension. I did and found my way to a group that gave me the same info I just gave you.

    I wish you well.

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    Posted by acneperfect at 10/11/11 05:25:58

    According to the American Heart Association, nearly one in three adults in the United States has high blood pressure. But nearly one-third of those people don't know they have high blood pressure, because it's a silent disease. People can have high blood pressure for years without experiencing symptoms or knowing they have it.

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    Posted by belladiaz at 01/30/12 22:48:33

    I think regular meditation and exercise are good way to control blood pressure.Take a regular use of garlic in your daily food.

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    Posted by thiamin12 at 11/07/12 20:54:59

    Well, i may advice you to start drinking lots of water. It is recommended for a low blood pressure patient to consume lots of liquid. Try to increase the amount of sodium intake like salt in your diet. This is also suggested by many doctors.

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    Posted by Elicia at 11/17/12 21:42:30

    Lower your sodium intake to less than 1000 mg per day. Look up all the food you eat and count! Drink a lot of water! It seems simple but a lot of processed foods, can foods, eating out, will have lots of salt and sodium.

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    Posted by naturalskincarer at 02/02/13 03:29:29

    Green tea control blood pressure, its works for you definitely try this three times for a day

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    Posted by Maria Arnaldi at 02/04/13 03:14:16

    from maria (living in rural Ireland) High blood pressure is caused by simple factor; TOXINS which manifest in the body as ACIDS. Reduce the acidy and the body will begin to recover! Simple and inexpensive remedy: Take first thing in the morning one level tea spoon of BICARBONATE of SODA disolved in glass of hot water,for ten days only,stop for ten days,repeat if needed.

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    Posted by Maria Arnaldi at 02/04/13 04:07:01

    From Maria Arnaldi(Naturopath)Just to explain further:This remedy is best taken during LENT.The whole origen of lent was purification of the body-it was never a religious thing! Adherence to "spring cleaning" of the body goes back thousands of years. Bicarbonate of soda (bread soda) as acure for many ills, is cheap and effective.Take deap breath before,it wont taste so bad on swallowing,then rinse mouth with plain water to help with getting it down.Be brave-you will not only feel better but even LOOK better. remember this cure is not making anybody any money and therefore the ordinary doctors wont approve as it is not making the drug manufactorers rich! Dont get me wrong-I know many doctors do great work and are very sincere but the "drug people" have them in their grip.By the way cream of tarta(baking powder)can be used and is slightly more pleasant to take. Dont say this wont work when you have not tried it! I have used it for years, I am no "puritan"-I love cakes and sweets etr and often break my own rules but get healthy again by resorting to simple remedys like this. Good luck to all.

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    Posted by Helen Woodard at 10/20/14 13:52:39

    Several studies have demonstrated blood pressure lowering effects of garlic. Both raw and cooked garlic help control high blood pressure and at the same time reduce cholesterol levels.

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