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Long time lurker, but 1st time poster.
This post is more about my experiences with Veganism, Vegetarianism & healthier choices.
And hopefully some insight from people who've experienced this too.

My background is Mediterranean.
So meat is/was a staple, daily, at least twice a day.

I recently made a massive effort to shift my diet to see what would happen.
I'm not "unhealthy" (I don't think I am).
6ft, 72Kg, active.
Take a standard Swiss mens multivitamin a day.
Ever since reducing and almost eliminating meat and dairy, my stomach has flattened, adn I feel amazing, usually :)
see below;

After reading a lot of resources, I started to eliminate meat and dairy from my diet, that was 6 months ago.
I do though still occasionally eat meat once a fortnight, maybe a once a week, depending on how often I see my parents.
Mum is a great cook, and will usually cook something vegetarian for me on the odd occasion.

So, I changed my diet about last October.
In late November, I had the strangest pins and needles up and down the right side of my body.
Had some blood tests, everything seemed normal.
This feeling went away after 2 weeks on it's own.

Now just last week, I woke up with double vision, vertical diplopia they called it.
They rushed me into hospital and did a cat scan, all clear.
Now just waiting to do an MRI to see if there is any nerve damage.
I've been banned from driving too :(

I don't plan on changing the way I eat, as I believe I function better as a Vegan.
But these episodes are making me think that perhaps I'm missing something.
And I'm terrified because my family and especially my youngest daughter is following what I do.

Anyway, that's my story, if anyone has any advice, or suggestions, I'd love to hear it.
Thanks for reading :)

P.S. I'm also now taking a extra b12 supplement.

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    Posted by Hellhound at 05/24/17 10:56:19

    What does your main diet consist of at the moment? The healthiest vegan/vegetarian diet for me is to still follow the food pyramid but replace the meat with vegan/vegetarian protein products tofu, beans, protein enhanced foods etc.
    Usually with changes to your diet you will feel subtle physically changes, this will only last a short time.
    I would recommend you to not eat meat at all as when you take up a vegetarian diet your body will start to feel the negative affects of meat more strongly if you do lapse and eat it. Switching back and forward between a heathy vegetarian diet and a meat diet is like a roller coaster ride for your stomach.
    Hope this advise helps.

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