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I have divium of pancreatis(small duct opening into stomach)causing some digestive issues. I also have asthma,(no known food alergies), and I have had trouble in past with whole wheat products. To be brief, have read all the heart, CA etc issues. Know the junk they put in foods..don't have to be sold that natural is a big garden yearly..just some concern about digesting some things..Have a lot of trouble with any citrus. Tolerate tomatoes in moderation..just wondered if others may have some insight..Son says do it..He is nurse, and vegan.
Thank you

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    Posted by Tatiana at 02/11/08 13:27:39

    In your particular case it sounds like you have a lot of medical issues going on that are way beyond the question of vegetarian or not. There are lots of health, environmental and ethical reasons to go vegetarian. However, you may need modifications to a regular vegetarian diet to meet your medical needs. Just simply following a vegetarian diet may not fix your issues, especially if you have some sort of gluten intolerance or other food allergies or issues. I would highly suggest getting a good workup by your physician to diagnose any potential problems and then see a dietitian to work out a diet that will meet your specific needs.

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    Posted by girdhar at 02/14/08 02:38:04

    Hi, I would suggest the same , you must seek a dietitian. Just try to take as light food as you can . thank you.

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    Posted by gr8vegan at 04/05/08 03:22:45

    Yeah you need to see an Environmental Medical Doctor. You can find one here.

    They'll fix you all up! Elimination Diet time! "Rain Barrel" when you've got so much stuff going on the barrel overflows with numerous symptoms.

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