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I am 22 years old and I am overweight.
what kind of diet should I take or you would advice me?

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    Posted by Tatiana at 12/28/07 12:12:25

    Every person is different, but when it comes down to it you need to intake fewer calories than your body needs. To figure out how many calories you need, use this equation

    [10 x weight (kg)] + [6.25 x height (cm)] - [5 x age (y)] + 5

    [10 x weight (kg)] + [6.25 x height (cm)] - [5 x age (y)] - 161.

    You then multiply this by your activity factor, for most people I use 1.3. If you are very active it may be more but this covers most people. Then, you take this total number and subtract 500. This will give you your estimated calorie needs to lose 1 lb per week.

    You can also just make better food choices by reducing your fat intake and eating more whole grains and fresh fruits/vegetables.

    If you need more indepth help I'd highly suggest seeing a Registered Dietitian, you can find one by going to

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    Posted by Chia at 12/28/07 18:17:31

    From my personal experience, I would recommend:

    - Regular exercise routine
    - Eat regular healthy, satifying meals in smaller portions
    - Eat dinner early and no snacks afterwards
    - Drink lots of water
    - Keep a positive attitude
    - and most importantly, love yourSelf

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    Posted by mothersson2002 at 12/29/07 01:08:11

    Have you heard of the Eat Less Weigh More diet:
    Dr. Ornish recommends a vegetarian lowfat diet.

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    Posted by mothersson2002 at 12/29/07 01:14:12

    Here is Dr. Ornish's web page. The other was just a review.There are great recipes here!

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    Posted by mothersson2002 at 12/29/07 01:15:02

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    Posted by atrevh at 01/10/08 17:08:06

    Have you heard about the PH MIRACLE book? writen by Dr. Robert Young ? I kind of follow the program and loose 11 lb in one month. In summery what i did was, cut on sugar, cut on bread, moderate on seeds and grains, soak my nuts, hehehe almonds particulary, and eat lots of greens, tomato, avocato, alkaline veggies, walk or bike for 30 minuts and 1 gallon of water per day.

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    Posted by No1_Vegan_Goddess at 01/27/08 02:33:33

    I don't like the word "diet". Instead I urge people incorporate a vegan lifestyle into their lives permanently so that eating right doesn't feel like something separate or forced.
    I've noticed that when people do colon cleanses and eat "naturally, the weight just falls off instantly!! Your stomach naturally goes flat because you're ridding your body of excess "waste" and old mucoidal fecal-matter.
    I also believe that a colon cleanse flushes away excess fat and unneccessary filth from your body and normalizes your weight.
    So with a vegan lifestyle, excercise and lots of water, you should be in tip-top shape in no time!! Don't go on a diet, honey...
    There are many great cleanses out there but make sure it's TOTALLY NATURAL!! Don't get the kind from the local drug store, go to an herbal store and talk to a specialist(Also, please don't get "colon cleanse" and "colonic" mixed-up. They are 2 TOTALLY DIFFERENT things.)
    I wish you the best and please lemme know how ya doin...

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    Posted by No1_Vegan_Goddess at 01/27/08 02:36:31


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    Posted by Yoshi at 01/27/08 11:38:48

    Not trying to sound stupid, but there's two things that are the key to weight loss. Diet and exercise. Since mid-September I've lost almost 60 lbs. by eating right and running. The running was tough at first, so I started by power walking, and slowly starting to run a little bit at a time. I can now run over 7 miles, so it's well worth the effort. As far as diet is concerned, I ageee with what the Goddess mentioned abough. Strive for a 'lifestyle change' rather than a 'diet.' While I am not vegan, I became veggie and that's how I lost my initial weight. Even if you are not, or do not want to go veggie, just make changes in your eating habits and results will show quickly, and the satisfaction of seeing the weight come off will be all the inspiration that you need. Weight loss even inspired me to stop drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. Good luck!

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    Posted by jocow at 01/27/08 12:38:07

    I found a number of ways that weight just came off. First, I stopped eating granola in the morning. Five pounds just came off. After the first time I did the Master Cleanse (lemonnade for 10 days), I think that I shut off the pasta "button." I eat quinoa, beans, and roasted potatoes under my veggies instead of pasta. I'm 10 pounds thinner than I was last year at this time. I also drink Yogi Tea's Get Regular every night. It tastes good (better than Trad. Med. Smooth Move) and it's great for elimination. Last, exercise is very important. Some yoga in the morning to "get the body MOVING" doesn't hurt either.

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    Posted by No1_Vegan_Goddess at 01/27/08 02:39:46

    Hope all is going GREAT with you and God Bless...

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    Posted by katinjap at 01/28/08 00:04:18

    Possibly irrelevant, but I'll put in my 2 cents worth anyway!For me alcohols been a biggie. All week long I eat well and go to the gym, then Sat night comes a long and I binge drink (more than 3 standard drinks is considered binging). Next day I'm so hung over all I want is a big greasy pizza, chocolate and coke etc. Next week, repeat. I am v. determined to change this now tho and feel confident that I will get the body I want and lead a lifestyle which is far more emotionally and physically satisfying than one based around boozing up every weekend...Good luck to you!

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    Posted by KellyVeganGirl at 06/18/08 16:37:50

    To prevent weight gain I work out for at least an hour a day (try to do something you actually like), eat a vegan diet of mainly fruits and veggies, drink at least eight glasses of water a day and write down calories and fat grams.

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    Posted by evelyn68 at 05/06/10 05:04:06

    You can take exercise so your weight will be loss.When you take a diet your weight can be lose.

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    Posted by og8997889 at 12/21/11 17:33:26

    There are a thousand different ways and reasons to lose weight and none of them compete with the fact that all of them are useless unless you have mentally decided to lose weight. Last year on New Year's I promised myself that I was going to lose enough weight to see my abs. 8 months later from being 287 I was 214 and able to see a 4 pack of abs. The most important thing to remember is you can never give up
    and must devour your weaker will and let the strong one flourish.

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