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Third time attempting veganism. First time I went vegan many years ago I loved the performance benefits I was receiving with my training which was running at the time. 2 months in to the way of living I couldn't sleep for an entire night, the following night I laid down and realised I wasn't going to sleep again (when I say couldn't sleep I mean I couldn't sleep for even a second). This led me to the kitchen where my gut told me to eat tuna and it knocked me out cold. I couldn't work out if there was a certain vitamin or mineral I was missing that I got from the meat? The second time I attempted it I swore I would stick it out although 6 weeks in I went to go to bed and realised I wasn't going to be able to sleep again and ate some meat and fell asleep. I can't explain both of these occasions but it was like there was absolutely no way my mind would shut off and I knew at the time I had to eat meat. The problem with it is whenever I eat meat I feel too bad as I've been awoken to the negatives of eating meat. Third time attempting and I really don't want to have to go back to eating meat. Are there any dietitians out there who potentially know the reason for this? Thanks . Jacko

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    Posted by VeganFaith at 08/13/17 16:49:48

    So glad to hear you'd like to try veganism again. It's definitely a struggle at first. I know that when my boyfriend first became vegan, he felt terrible. But that was because he hated fruit and veggies and only ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches everyday.
    Perhaps the reason you aren't feeling the best is because you aren't eating enough.
    When I first started, I became dizzy and lethargic. I didn't understand why. Then I actually measured my food and found out I was only eating half my recommended calories!
    Now I'm happy and super energetic.
    I still eat junk foods, but the bulk of my meals is fresh veggies and starches.
    I'm not a dietician, but I would suggest eating a lot of potatoes, barley, quinoa, and other types of starches and grains. Eat til you're full and never go hungry.
    If you haven't checked it out yet, try looking around for more ideas on why you aren't feeling top notch on what should be a very healthy lifestyle.

    Hope that helps a bit! 😋

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    Posted by psilocybina at 08/14/17 19:46:16

    as VeganFaith mentioned - you may not be eating enough. When I started I also had problems with sleep and I always ended up in the kitchen. Then I started to use some applications for tracking calories (my choice was or LifeSum or Chronometer) and apparently I haven't been eating enough of food, even tho it looked like I ate as usual. Then even when I started enlarging the portions of food I was feeling very lethargic and useless. An you know what? I tried to eat more healthy fats - I started to eating a lot of avocados and nuts, and it helped. Then I went for some research and I've found Miles from Healthy Crazy Cool on Youtube and his video It's Nuts about pushing one vegan diet. and you know what I understood? that you have to find your way through vegan diet, there is no One True Vegan Diet That Suits All.

    I know I sound like Cptn Obvious, but I hope you'll find this inspiring :) And if you're into gym and a lot of exercising maybe Jon Venus on youtube will be inspiring for you? :)

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