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I have been vegetarian for over 7 years now, and I am now starting/trying to be vegan.

I have been looking up things vegans can eat, vegan recipes, and hidden non-vegan ingredients.

I have found 'vegan' recipes that use non-vegan ingredients! Like peanut butter or sugar. Some say to add soda instead of egg, but apparently soda isn't vegan either.

I have found brands that were accidently vegan(on vegan sites) that also test on animals!

I have also found brands that were accidently vegan(on vegan sites) that actually were not vegan!

And this is all making it very difficult for me, please if you have any advice, I would love to read it.

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    Posted by The Hammer at 04/11/14 00:58:33

    take it easy, new vegan, don't get lost in tiny details and loose sight of the bigger picture.

    Sugar isn't vegan, since when? I know that (But not all) white sugars are made with animal bone filters, but sugar itself doesn't contain any animal ingredients.

    How about vegan products that are made by workers who wear leather shoes?

    Please learn to distinguish the issues that matter from the clutter that confuses you and possible make you decide that veganism is TOO DIFFICULT for you and so made yourself an excuse to go back to vegetarianism..

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 04/11/14 09:25:05

    Happy Wild Horse-

    Only a very tiny percentage of "farm" animals experience what could be called a "happy life".

    And I have never believed that animals enjoy the slaughter house experience, either.

    In some states "free range" means allowing animals out of confinement for one hour or less a day. It's a clever marketing ploy.

    There are hundreds of books and videos that describe what I'm talking about. Don't be afraid to read books such as the classic, "Animal Factories" by Mason & Singer or their more recent effort, "The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter".

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    Posted by anahidscv at 09/18/13 12:03:24

    Hi Catrina, you have to really get to know your brands and products and of course read labels all the time. Nowadays its really hard since animal ingredients are everywhere including in lotions, shampoos, soaps, etc. I trust to shop at Whole Foods and still read ingredients and the label, because not all products at Whole Foods is Vegan. For beauty products try Don't be mislead even though some say no animal testing since they use a third party to do their testing. As far as peanut butter, I only use the whole peanuts at Whole Foods and grind it myself there at the store. I know this way, there is nothing in the peanuts (organic) except the peanuts itself. Good luck and I will hug you for becoming Vegan and caring for the animals and the environment. I have now been Vegan for a year, before that I was a vegetarian. Good luck.

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    Posted by Armstrong2Zappa at 04/07/14 12:46:11

    Try Veg News. They are based in San Francisco and they are at They have a good list of vegan recipes.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 04/08/14 08:01:18

    A great place to buy cookbooks is library book sales. They have two every year where I live. There will be hundreds of cookbooks there when I go to this springs event next Saturday. And there will be vegetarian and vegan cookbooks among them!

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    Posted by Happy wild horse at 04/10/14 12:15:09

    If you have a garden grow your own vegetables and cook your own food with what you grow and then you know what's in it and what's vegan or not,it is very eco friendly as well because there is no carbon footprint and if you find it hard being vegen you can have animals and in that way you know that the animals are happy so you can eat your eggs noing that the chickens are happy free range hens that have the run of the garden:)

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    Posted by Happy wild horse at 04/11/14 15:17:33

    Lots of free range chickens where I live I would like to have a chicken as a pet and get my own eggs I have a book that says how to make a chicken house if I were to have chickens I think I would have a big apple orchard because I heard that chickens like living in orchards , and as for factory farming we don't get the cheap factory farmed milk we buy the milk from local farms that have their cows outside in the fealds all day I see them eating grass as I go past on the bus sometimes and they look very happy:)

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 04/12/14 09:10:13

    Dairy cows typically go the slaughterhouse when their milk production drops below acceptable profit levels.

    The vast majority of calves born to dairy cows are taken from their mother after birth and suffer a horrible 14 week life in a veal crate before slaughter.

    Not to mention that suckling another species milk is not natural...mammals naturally wean their young at an early age.

    Despite what you get from the dairy industry on television and on posters supplied to grade school classrooms, dairy products are not all that healthy...actually contributing to a long lilst of diseases.

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    Posted by The Hammer at 04/13/14 22:28:27

    yes, chickens like to live in apple orchards and sing a song together under the moon light and cows are very happy eating grass because they smile and their baby calves are having holiday somewhere else ignorance is bliss

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    Posted by DunkiesandDimeys at 06/18/14 12:33:30

    A lot of recipes recommend a certain brand of sugar, peanut butter, etc. that doesn't use animal ingredients. That, and you can also look them up on Google.

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