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More and more often I read about low-carb diets or actually any kind of Lifestyle opposed to vegetarianism/veganism. Some undercover names for Low Carb are paleo, sugarfree etc. Carbs have finally been accepted as the new Enemy, while fat is more accepted. In fact, the new "good kind" of fat seems to be saturated fat found in animal products . However so-called polyunsaturated fats (most plant fats) are poison. For some Communities meat has even become the new superfood.
I am afraid that this development will wreck the veg community because meat eating is not only encouraged, but presented as necessary, every damn day. This could result in a rise in meat consumption and eventually in even bigger crimes against animals and the environment .
Have you noticed this development or do you think it's just a temporary hype?

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    Posted by happah10 at 04/25/17 23:28:29

    My dad is on a strict carb-free, high fat diet. He avoids bread at all costs. He will literally make a sandwich and instead of using bread, he will use slices of cheese as the bread. He makes pizzas without bread using nothing but cheese.
    I asked him where he learned about nutrition and he said from 2 books. The Atkins Diet book and some book about the South Beach diet. Those are not new diets. They have been around for years. He insists that carbs are terrible and things like fruits and vegetables make you fat. He eats tons of meat and cheese. He's overweight, has heart issues, needs a CPAP machine, bowel movements take a long long time and is usually too tired and fatigued to get through the day.
    By comparison, I (age 40) eat tons of carbs and no meat or dairy and fairly low fat (nuts, oils). My last meal was 5 hours ago and have been working since then and I still have the energy to go to the gym before dinner. I'm not overweight - actually have 6 pack abs- and not suffering from heart problems and having energy to move mountains is great.
    I don't know much about nutrition but in my casual observation, carbs are working great for me. Then again I live an active lifestyle.
    To answer your other question, I don't think these low carb diets are temporary. They've been around a while and will continue to be around as long as someone is looking for an excuse to eat lots of meat and cheese and live a sedentary, low activity lifestyle and there's no shortage people looking for ways to rationalize their awful eating habits.

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    Posted by happah10 at 04/25/17 23:45:02

    Obviously that wasn't a fair comparison and for full disclosure, after I have dinner , I go for a long brisk walk or run every night. So i do burn the carbs.
    But i think diets that tease results without altering one's unhealthy lifestyle will always be an easy sell.

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    Posted by moshnotposh at 04/26/17 05:32:09

    I stick to opinion that humans needs carbs the same as need protein or fats. Non of them are poison if you choose the right source of nutrients. Digging deeply some veggies may be poison because of pesticides and all that stuff, but meat, dairy and eggs in the superstore are stuffed with hormones and antibiotics. What is better I don't know, I just know that if my destiny is poison my body and least I will be guilty free. So, in the end, everything is healthy except drugs, alcohol and tabacco. ;)

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