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The vegetable that I most strongly recommend for general health improvement and especially for those with cancer is beetroot. The purple pigment has been shown to increase and normalise cell respiration - the oxygen-based energy production within cells. Thus beetroot is one of the key foods in preventing as well as curing cancer. It is equally important in the treatment of other degenerative diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome that are all characterised by reduced cell respiration. .The active ingredient in beetroot is called betacyanin with two carbonyl groups (C=0-). What happens when cellular energy is produced through the oxidation of nutrients is that electrons and hydrogen ions are transferred onto the inhaled oxygen to produce water and energy. In cancer cells and with chronic fatigue the respiratory enzymes that accomplish this transfer have been diminished or destroyed. The colour pigment in beetroot (and other purple food) strongly binds electrons and hydrogen and with this can reactivate the production of cellular oxidative energy. Seeger and others (1990) have shown that the respiration of cancer cells can be completely normalised by a combination of beetroot, raw fermented food and vitamin C. The multiplication of cancer cells would thus stop, and tumours become non-virulent. Clinical tests using beetroot with cancer patients revealed that often tumours regressed and disappeared.Therefore use plenty of beetroot grated in salads, juiced and cooked; also the residue from juicing may be cooked. Occasionally a small root may leave an acrid aftertaste.

Taste suspect roots before making salads or juice; cooking them is fine, and beet tops may be cooked also. Tinned beetroot has lost most of its pigments and is of little value.Beetroot may be available only seasonally. You may store a larger quantity in moist sand. Keep the tops exposed in a cool, shaded place with just enough moisture to prevent drying out. After a good root system has developed you may also let them continue to grow in a sandy and well drained soil, neither too wet nor too dry to avoid rotting or mould development, check frequently. Article by

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    Posted by AlmostVeggie at 12/04/07 15:44:26

    I like using herbs when it comes to liver and blood cleansing.

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    Posted by Silver_Spider01 at 11/18/08 10:30:35

    What herbs do you recommend for liver cleansing?

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    Posted by treehugger at 11/18/08 13:57:48

    Red Clover's good for cleansing the liver but please seek professional advice from a qualified and reputable Herbalist before taking herbal preperations.
    Great post Phantom - I LOVE Beetroot.

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    Posted by kindlizard at 11/18/08 14:33:50

    milk thistle

    3 of the best

    also, licorice, oregon grape, yellow dock

    i think tinctures far exceed tea as far as utility. you may want to find these in tincture made from glycerin instead of alcohol, since alcohol and the liver... many try to detox alcohol from the liver. glycerin tinctures are less potent than alcohol, but better for liver in the long run.

    btw, i ain't a doctor i just play one in my mind.

    silver, hope that may help too

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