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Hello everyone. I am very interested in the study of vegetable-based recipes and have a balanced diet.
It often happens to me when I cook, I have no recipes available,so I started to collect recipes that meet my needs.

Since I'm a programmer, I developed a completely free application in which related nutrient intake values are shown.

Please download and rate if, it would be really helpful for us to gather wider audience!

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    Posted by GarrettHnatiuk at 06/02/14 22:50:41

    You need to incorporate more healthy as well as nutritious food into your diet plan. That means more fruits, vegetables, oatmeal etc.Swap the actual fatty foods that you're eating for your with fewer calories. For instance, instead of eating from mcdonald's or a whopper as well as fries from burger king, consume a grilled chicken sandwich without any mayo or cheese (individuals are just extra calories you don't need) with a healthy aspect, like a fruit and natural yogurt parfait from mcdonalds.

    Stop consuming your calories! A lot of the amount you eat can consist of sugary drinks, and that is just dumb! Drinking water along with other calorie-free drinks can cut out lots of calories, and you will lose weight.

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    Posted by AlphaCodeLabs at 06/03/14 13:34:42

    I agree my friend. the best way to drink water in its purest state is with natural fruit juices.

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    Posted by Shailluis at 06/29/14 23:05:02

    i think juice and milk is the best to improve the diet..

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 06/30/14 04:46:58

    Chicken is not particularly healthy food and is only slightly lower in fat than beef

    Likewise, dairy products are linked to a whole host of human ailments.

    Drinking water to reduce calories does not work. You are simply adding water weight to your consumption while taking in the same total number of calories.

    Don't fall for the dairy industry's clever trick of measuring fat by weight instead of the proper way, by calories. By doing this, they claim to be selling products like "low-fat" and "2%" milk, when such things are still relatively high in saturated fat.

    All mammals wean their young at the proper time (a few days to a couple years). Humans refuse to be weaned, and steal milk from cows and other animals, creating an industry that is hell on the environment, our health and the non-human animals involved...

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