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Going Vegan was the best thing I have ever done! I have lost about 15 lbs so far and it keeps coming off, :) . And it wasn't even intentional! I went vegan for the animals. Its great I love it. :)

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    Posted by Veganwithavengance at 12/15/13 13:07:15

    That is always nice. I gained weight when I ditched all animal products initially but I have changed my diet and am trying to be a little healthier and did lose a few pounds from eating healthier and getting more exercise.

    Just so everyone is clear on veganism:
    The word 'veganism' denotes a philosophy and way of living which seeks to end the idea of animals as property and exclude all forms of exploitation of (use of), and cruelty to, animals for food (including products derived wholly or partly from animals), clothing, research or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives and respect for their inherent rights as our fellow earthlings.

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    Posted by GarrettHnatiuk at 06/05/14 21:42:38

    That's really nice thing that you have lose some weight. Vegans people have much less instance of diseases, heart problems, obesity, and can even get colds as well as flu less frequently than beef eaters.

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    Posted by The Hammer at 06/05/14 23:34:02

    I also noticed health benefits after going vegan and i was slowly becoming interested in Raw Food and obtaining more health benefits.
    I realized there was a slow shift in me from Animal Rights to Health, from a broad minded Social Issue to ones limited personal and individual care for ones body.
    That's why i started to drink beer and smoke cigarettes, no more bodily "health" for me, it's all Animal Rights for me! :-P

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    Posted by GarrettHnatiuk at 06/16/14 21:48:40

    The most important thing to you while being vegan is health and certainly support of other people or at least tolerance and people around you which share your their experience of being vegan.

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    Posted by SissyMaeApple at 07/30/14 18:50:34

    A few Benefits I have noticed since going plant based: better digestion, clearer skin, less tooth plaque, more energy, rarely have mood swings......

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    Posted by JAN123 at 07/30/14 19:16:36

    Awesome! Happy for you and I could say the same for me. Only amazing changes have occurred

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