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I've been a vegan for 10 months now. The first month I lost 2 or 3 kg without working out at all, but after that I started gaining weight and I don't know why. I eat low fat and as many vegetables as possible, I do eat quite a lot of rice though, I'm not sure if that would be the problem? Has anyone had similar problems?

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 11/07/16 15:19:31

    Do you at organic brown rice or white rice?
    How many calories do you consume daily and how do they break down among the macronutrients?
    Do you get adequate exercise now?

    There are hundreds (thousands?) of books out there that can answer your question in detail...

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    Posted by EmmaMusgrove at 11/29/16 11:12:35

    Rice generally raises the weight of the body. Hence it is better to reduce as much quality of rice as you can to maintain your body and to loose the body weight as well.

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    Posted by DonSteve at 11/30/16 13:15:00

    No matter what your diet is - Vegan, vegetarian, raw, etc. - it's important to
    keep your calories intake at the level your body requires.
    For example if you eat 3000 calories a day but burn only 2000 of them you will gain weight.
    Eat as much as you burn.

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    Posted by ccaatt at 11/30/16 18:28:58

    I wouldn't think rice alone would cause weight gain, unless you went from eating virtually no carbs to eating a ton of rice. Any other new foods you're trying? My first foray into a vegan diet I started eating all sorts of stuff I'd cut out long ago. Vegan butter? Vegan mayo? I had to try it even though I hardly used those things in my diet before. Gained a few pounds that way, but lost them as soon as my diet stabilized again. Maybe try swapping the rice out for a smaller portion of beans - still get your carbs, get your protein, but I find beans more filling/satisfying. And a couple people have said it above, but portion control. Once I stopped eating salads big enough to feed a full family or triple the portion of soy crumbles, I noticed a shift in my body. I think it's pretty normal for weight to fluctuate when you make a big dietary change, but for the best advice I'd talk to your doctor. They'll know more about your specific health requirements.

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    Posted by veganbysomi at 11/30/16 19:58:21

    Yeah, I agree with the other posters. You still need to make sure you're not overeating or else you'll gain weight (just like with any other diet). Perhaps try to increase the ratio of non-starchy vegetables to starchy vegetables and your weight should start normalising.

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    Posted by genie2343 at 12/26/16 06:04:52

    I go with DonSteve. It doesnt matter vegan or not if the calories taken are not burned it will surely push your weight.

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    Posted by EvaVeggie at 01/05/17 22:59:50

    Couldn't agree more with ccaatt! I definitely gained a little weight when I first went vegan because I was so excited about all the new vegan products I found and I just had to try them all, including snacks and dessert I rarely ate before. Once eating a vegan diet became my new normal and I established a routine of healthy go-to-meals, my weight stabilized and with exercise and cutting out some (vegan) junk food, decreased again. I'm now almost two years into veganism and a bit lighter than before my transition.

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    Posted by AuraMaríaRuízTobón at 04/14/17 19:18:57

    That's not my case i lost weight like crazy, is even annoiyng some times hahaha but i think you have to do some cardio, just don't think in food as a way of losing weight, eat in a way that you feel healthy without thinking about the calories and all that stuff, for that is always better be focus in the exercise, if you are eating healthy and you feel good, then just make a little bit more of cardio, that's my advice, have a great and beautiful day!! :D

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 04/15/17 01:50:32

    You must eat starch as a vegan or you will get diarrhea. Brown rice is an excellent form of starch especially when it is organic.

    Weight gain is a complex health issue. It may not be diet related. It could be thyroid, growing into a new life cycle with its accompanying genetic or hormonal expression, or other health concerns and have nothing to do with brown rice nor being vegan. I always recommend seeing a state licensed herbalist that can work with you on vegan terms. I like Western Herbal Medicine the best, but there are also Chinese Traditional Medicine practitioners and Ayurvedic Herbalists. Herbs help us with our bacterial count, viruses, and all other micro organisms that can lead to 'pot belly syndrome.' (....yes it is found on line.) There are also herbs that make us feel full so we eat less, and also herbs that are stimulants so we do more to burn off calories.

    Sometimes people think they have to eat more food as a vegan to get enough nutrition. This is not true. Also, some people do not chew their food enough. The chemicals released naturally in the brain that tell us we are full are directly related to the number of times we chew. If you chew your food more, you will eat less.

    Also, mock tofu meats are high in calories. In fact, oil and sugar often have more to do with gaining weight then carbohydrates. A vegan diet is a high carbohydrate diet which has many health benefits such as few or no illnesses, low cancer rate, low heart disease, reduced chances of acid reflux or acid related ulcers due to the alkaline nature of the diet and a clearer complexion.

    If your health permits and your doctor agrees, fasting once a month or once a week can help with weight control. I like to fast when the moon is in my sun sign. Also, the Jain community recommends only two meals a day. The truth is, as a vegan you need less food.

    Also, how do you sleep? Do you grind your teeth and snore? Sleep Apnia is the cause of much over weight problems in the US. Sleeping on your right side with your mouth shut only breathing through your nose is best. If you do not breath correctly at night when you sleep, usually caused by stress, you will gain weight.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 04/15/17 02:10:31

    By the way, there is a great book on medical herbalogy you may want to buy.

    The Desktop Guide to Herbal Medicine: The Ultimate Multidisciplinary Reference to the Amazing Realm of Healing Plants in a Quick-Study, One-Stop Guide.
    by Brigitte Mars A.H.G.

    It costs 20$ on Amazon. It will help you stay informed when you work with state licensed herbalists.

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    Posted by SimonaHuls at 05/03/17 09:25:25

    Hi. This is a very common problem. Many people are concerned about weight gain including my sister. To shed her weight and body fats, she found on the web about body guide at This guide is helping her to shed body weight. If you want, you can also try it. I would also suggest you to avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice. This will help you to reduce weight.

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    Posted by LoriM. at 07/27/17 14:25:45

    Make sure you eat meals that SATISFY you ... I am transitioning Vegetarian to Vegan and during past attempts, found myself eating unsatisfying lettuce salads for lunch (not enough protein!) and then stuffing down a whole bag of pita chips when I got home..... Make sure you get lots of healthy proteins to feel full!

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 07/27/17 22:00:46

    Best way not to gain weight is to eat small meals throughout the day. Don't eat just before you go to bed. Use the daytime when your body's metabolic rate is higher. Also, try to stay away from the refined sugars, white bread, and foods that spike then lower your blood sugar. This makes you want to eat more.

    Eat whole grains, fresh vegetables, and fruits. Stay away from junk food. Exercise. It takes commitment and once you have a routine, it's easy. You don't have to worry about weight. Just maintain. I don't even think about it. My body takes care of itself weight wise.

    Processed foods have a lot of secret hidden non-disclosed ingredients (labeled proprietary so don't have to disclose) that are in these foods to make one eat more. Junk and processed foods and drinks, health insurance, and health care--all hundred billion dollar plus industries. Coincidence? I think not. Don't drink the kool-aid as we used to say.

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    Posted by OrganicTampons at 07/29/17 06:18:36

    Rice is not the culprit in weight gain as long as you are having it in moderation. You must check the portions on your plate. Chew your food well. When you eat too fast, you have the tendency to overeat. Drink a lot of water and stay away from refined sugar.

    Exercise plays an important role not just in keeping a check at your weight but also making you feel good and happy about yourself due to the release of the endorphins.

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    Posted by Coutlernile at 09/07/17 15:39:48

    I think you are eating enough protein right now. So your weight is increasing day by day.

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    Posted by AricaSmith at 12/20/17 06:41:55

    I gain 17 pounds in about 6 weeks, topping out at 149. Not exactly a strike-fear-in-the-hearts-of-enemies number, I know, but it’s a lot more than 132, and a total weight increase of almost 13%. And although the point wasn’t to gain strength but to gain mass, I got a lot stronger too, increasing my chest press from 130 to 195 pounds for a 7-rep set.

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