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This topic is a little bit embarrassing. I started my vegan diet 1 1/2 year ago with a hydro-colon-therapy. And I have had no problems with digestions.

A few weeks ago I recognized a lot of flatulence with bad smelling gas.

Can anybody give me hints how to avoid this?

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    Posted by JChan at 01/06/13 20:49:51

    Dear rose-xl,
    Everyone has bad smelling gases at one time or other. It's said that beans and others could give you MORE gas than other foodstuff. I think the "solution" to this question is not in the gas but in our attitude toward our self and how we see our self.
    It's easy to see that today (probably due to all the marketing hype we get) we are much too much concerned (unhealthily so!) about our looks and others' approval or rejection of us. We see ourselves as the outer 5 mm of our body as Eknath Easwaran put it. The more we "worry" about our exterior (relative to others' opinion of us) the less we realise who we really are or pay attention to our real self. While we don't want to disgust others with our gas, let's not be too concerned that such a small problem became an excuse for us to return to eating animals. Best regards.

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    Posted by DianeVukovic at 01/12/13 08:00:54

    First off I agree with JChan that you shouldn't be embarrassed by gas. But, if you really are suddenly getting some stinky farts, then it may be a symptom of a health issue.

    Look to see if your diet has suddenly changed. This would be the most likely culprit.

    I actually wrote a blog post about farts a while back ( Vegetarians DO fart more than non-vegs because of certain chemicals in plant-based foods. But vegetarian farts usually don't stink like meat farts :)

    If beans are the culprit behind your farts, then try this:
    -Soak them longer
    -Throw away the soaking water before cooking them

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    Posted by JoannaCoonFoxT at 03/01/14 23:35:04

    I'm having a similar issue. I have been vegetarian for 4 years. I have had soft stool issues off and on the last year or so - which I credit somewhat to the amount of juicing and blending I do - yet however I have still yet to balance this out.

    In the past few weeks I have been having terrible, strong gas, with bloating stomach and rumbing stomach. This is a new issue to me, I have really no new things in my diet and my life style has not changed all that much (I've been injured so less active)

    What is going on in there!!!???!

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/02/14 08:10:12

    Gas can also be a result of over-eating, combining foods that don't digest well together, stress, specific health problems, not enough water and lack of good exercise...just to name a few.

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    Posted by Helen Woodard at 10/20/14 13:55:18

    Eat slowly, add fiber throughout day, drink plenty of water & exercise.

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    Posted by J and J at 10/21/14 13:29:16

    You might have just had a stomach bug or eaten something a little too old or moldy on accident if you just suddenly developed flatulence.

    If you are making your own beans, lentils, or quinoa, wash them thoroughly (sometimes I wash up to 10 times) to get rid of the waxy coat. This can make a huge improvement. I can't eat these things if I don't wash them first, it makes my stomach hurt so bad. But if I wash them I can eat all that I want.

    Drink plenty of water and don't eat right before you work out.

    Try cooking your vegetables if raw vegetables are too hard on your stomach.

    Just tweak one detail at a time and see what improves your symptoms.

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