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hi to all..i just start fasting without food already 10 days,getting 1 glas of vegie juice(selery,bitroot leafs,wheetgrass juice orange)1 rice milk and 1 glass soy milk plus some shlorella and alot of lemon water per day..if anyone give me advice for longer fasting without damage my body..ty

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    Posted by Tatiana at 05/19/08 08:58:11

    Well, you're not really fasting per say, just eliminating solid foods. Nonetheless, it is very hard to get a balanced diet on juices, etc. Is there a particular reason you are doing a liquid diet?

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    Posted by dimitri at 05/19/08 09:22:14

    well i got some problems, digestion disorders,pain at left side during sleep also for loose some fat,and to help me from a crisis cos remove toxins out of body effect the mind as well,i try this before and works problem is that after this kinda fasting in the past as i fast many times, i got those digestion disorders,i cannot really digest easy food and many kinda food create pain to me, i think i was bad in discipline how to break the fast and move smooth to solid food...i just need to found how really can move on with liquid fasting for 6 months..i am thinking sesame milk as well..i will appreciate an advice:) thank you

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    Posted by dimitri at 05/19/08 09:26:16

    forgot to mention a terrible headaches behind my eyes and upper my face start at morning up to evening, night time those headaches go.. i've been to different doctors and none found me anything even i stay at hospital, when i do liquid fasting those pains are gone and i am full of energy, usually if i eat solid i got no energy,thanks for listen me

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    Posted by Tatiana at 05/19/08 10:40:32

    dimitri - As much as I could try to help you here, I think you'd be best off seeing a Registered Dietitian in person to help work out a diet that will work specifically for you. It's hard to say, but with digestive issues (and not even considering all the other issues with you), changing your diet back and forth may be making your problem worse. Of course I'd recommend seeing a physician but it looks like you already have done so. So I'd definitely recommend an in depth sit down with a dietitian to hopefully work something out for you.

    Just a side thought...have you ever been checked for gluten intolerance or Celiac's disease? Not that I'm at all saying that's what it is, but it goes undiagnosed in a major percentage of sufferers. If when you are doing a liquid diet you are removing all gluten from your diet (which could very well be happening), you'd see relief in symptoms, which would return upon adding gluten back to your diet. There could of course be tons of other issues as well, but that just came to mind. That may be a thought to bring up to your doctor. Don't give up!

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    Posted by dimitri at 05/25/08 07:46:30

    thanks you Tatiana for your replay.yes i was seen before an holistic doctor that told me to avoid wheat product(gluten) plus dairy's(i am vegan)another thing is, i got strong headaches at my face upper and inside my eyes in a degree that i cannot work anymore,every 4-5 days i need to sleep and avoid light and sound for 1-2 days,when i fast those headaches disappear like 90%(already fasting liquid for 15 days) .when i was eating normally for 10 month but avoid wheat those headaches was gone like 30% so i cannot say wheat was the main reason of them...there docs here to visit but mostly are the old school and i get really disappoint,i dunnot trust the dietitian either,most of them just finish 2 years some privet college,they only analyze the food and most of them laugh about be a is greece not usa and plus i living at island so to get a good doc is rare..i work opposite as more ppl i meet about fasting,my body get brighter more energetic and clean when i avoid food,already walk 10 kilometers per day and i am full of energy,how ever i try to found what is the best liquid i can get to avoid any future health problems

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    Posted by Tatiana at 05/25/08 12:30:34

    dimitri - That's too bad you don't have better resources there. In the United States, you need a 4 year accredited degree in nutrition, a year long internship, and have to pass a licensing exam before you can be a dietitian.

    One thought I have - have you tried a truly gluten free diet? Wheat is only one source of gluten, there are many more which could cause you distress if that is a problem for you. Here's a good reference:

    I really wish you could get a proper evaluation, you may have a lot of issues going on, and I definitely can't fix them all appropriately over the internet, lol. I hope you can see someone soon :(

    If you haven't done a full gluten free diet, I'd give that a shot for at least a month or two (since your doctor recommended gluten free anyways) to see if that helps.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 05/25/08 12:33:19

    Oh, and on that gluten free handout, of course just remove the animal products from the shopping list section, etc. I couldn't find a good gluten free and vegan reference, but just focus on the grain type foods and what foods to watch out for and that should be helpful.

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    Posted by dimitri at 05/26/08 00:19:11

    tatiana i really apreciate your help:) can i ask you your opinion on blood type diet? i am blood 0 there any connection to Celiac's disease? cos 0 blood must avoid gluten

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    Posted by Tatiana at 05/26/08 02:18:27

    From all the research I've read, there is no good evidence to show that blood type diets work.

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    Posted by dimitri at 05/28/08 13:23:29

    this is excelent site for liquid fasting

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 05/28/08 14:22:21

    This is almost becoming "mainstream" now.

    Take a look at the notes of Angela Stokes on "Juice Feasting" -

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    Posted by dimitri at 05/31/08 08:31:58

    liquid fast for 22 days already...walk 5 miles per day minimum and feel better lighter and more pure...only problem is trouble to sleep and maybe cos of the vitamines maybe spirulina effect...i drink 2 glass of grains milk uncook daily and i feel much better than drink only juices, i also frink flax tea and aloe vera everyday

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    Posted by dimitri at 06/23/08 05:43:00

    45 days of liquid fast already and feel more and more energy...

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    Posted by Cparkinson at 09/03/08 16:12:09

    hello all,
    Good for you for sticking with it, but be careful that you get all the nutrients you need. I have just started a juice fast and am on day 3 now.

    I think I will be lucky to make it for a week to 10 days!

    healthy choice supplements----discount supplements

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    Posted by dimitri at 09/04/08 00:26:08

    oh its nice to hear someone else does it,iam on 120 days on juice feast,my goal is past 200 days...if you interesting about infos and e-book i can send you right way anyone need it

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    Posted by dimitri at 10/22/08 01:22:35

    be at 165 days on juice feast i feel better than ever,i add at my diet raw nut milk. i knmow that slow the prosses but at the stage iam right now its fine, i hade syptoms of sleepiness from 55 day to 120 but now gone,slowly the body ajust to the new situation and become lightfull and shining free of toxins, i also observe my HP levels in my body by urine test and its fine, all my blood tests came out as i was 15 years old..

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    Posted by mexigirl at 10/27/08 07:19:52

    HI, I live in Saltillo, Mexico but I'm from Califonia.
    If anyone is really interested in doing a safe and great fast there is a website called "The Master Cleanse" or the Limonade diet.... but its not really a diet at all. Its a Detoxing formula to clean-out and detox your body...They recommend doing it for adleast 10 days... Which I did last September.
    I'm doing it again but for 21 days. I have some health issues that I'm wanting get rid of.I feel I have toxic acid crystals in my joints in my feet and ankles.They are stiff and I can hardly walk. I know fasting will help.This is day 5 for me and I already feel some changes in my problem.I really believe in this Master Diet. Look it up on the internet.. they have forums so you can look up different issues. YOu will be very informed about fasting.The web site explains everything on how to do the Master Cleanse.
    I must say it is hard to find some of the items that is used on the fast.. organic lemons,organic Maple syrup or Agave, Organic sea salt for the salt water flush and smooth move tea to help with flushing also... I hope this helps someone.
    I wish you all the best if you do this,Mexigirl

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    Posted by HM at 10/27/08 09:11:45

    There is nothing safe about the master cleanse, and I myself am speaking from experience and knowledge.
    I tried the master cleanse and it really screwed me up.
    There is no way to get the nutrients you need from maple syrup and lemons. I did it myself and had severe headaches and dizziness for several days, even with altering the amounts so that there was more maple to help me with the low blood sugar.
    And I lost weight, only to gain twice as much back. I followed it right, even with the orange juice then raw foods. I'm healthy, vegan, and with the healthy vegan diet that includes an occassional vegan donut or other treat, there is no need to cleanse my body. I have no animal fat, puss, hormones, etc that don't belong in my body going in, so there is nothing to cleanse out.
    Anyway, do research on the master cleanse before doing it at all or even again.
    It's a hoax. The person who made it up isn't even a real nutritionalist and I should have done my research as well.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 10/27/08 10:35:56

    Here is an interesting article written by a dietitian that I concur with:

    Before starting any diet, I strongly recommend seeing your dietitian or doctor.

    Just a note: this information is solely for educational purposes and is in no way to replace an actual medical visit. This website has a wealth of excellent information from a lot of great minds but please remember if you have any medical concerns or needs please see your medical doctor or healthcare provider.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 10/27/08 19:12:48

    I just wanted to note, in reference to a private message I received, I am ONLY concurring with the information in this particular article. I am not at all saying that I am in accordance with this dietitian's point of view, I was merely referencing this particular article as it pretty much summed up most of what I was thinking on the subject. Sorry, I could not find a good vegan dietitian article and didn't wanna write one up myself :P

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    Posted by joe88 at 02/17/09 23:53:35

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    Posted by webmaster at 04/28/10 11:24:55


    How long did you continue with juice only?
    Will you share what your typical day was like in terms of everything you consumed after you reached past day 120?
    How are you feeling these days?
    What is your current diet like?
    This thread is pretty inspiring, sorry I never commented on it before.
    Thanks, Eric-webmaster

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