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Hi! I went vegan a week ago at the ripe old age of 43, and all of the sudden my body is doing some drastically different things....strange energy levels, I'm in the bathroom all the time, weight redistributing itself on my body, super vivid dreams, strange cravings and a huge decrease in appetite, hot and cold flashes....did you have any strange symptoms at first? How long did they last? Thanks for making a new vegan feel better!

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 12/09/15 06:56:51

    When one makes dramatic improvements in one's diet (and lifestyle), it's quite normal to experience some temporary discomfort as your body is experiencing a long-needed cleansing. The process may take weeks or even months, depending on your general state of health.

    Toxins in the environment, including food, are generally stored in fatty tissues.

    I experienced this when I stepped away from flesh in 1975, and again when I finally eliminated dairy products in 1985.

    Don't forget that exercise is an important factor in health and works hand in hand with a healthy diet/lifestyle.

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    Posted by Robinwomb at 12/10/15 02:08:08

    I went from omnivore to vegan about five years ago when I was 38. I had avoided most dairy for years prior due to intolerance, and beans/vegetables had been staples before for years, so I really didn't notice any huge differences. My energy level however exploded, and gone were the days of poor digestion and phlegm/sinus issues. Meat tends to sit in the gut for a very long time as it takes time to break down, but plant food definitely moves through more quickly. There has been no negative effects on me. However, when I tried strictly all raw for a few weeks, I was running to the bathroom seven or more times per day doing number 2, and I was more hypersensitive/emotional. It was a drastic change from eating warming foods to all raw, and increasing fruit/vegetable servings from average 5-7 to suddenly 10-15. I went back to cooked food because raw was too much for me, but still include a good bit of raw each day.

    A big mistake a lot of people make when transitioning is not eating enough. So make sure you are covered there. And if your body is not used to more fiber and roughage, transition slowly into more fibrous grains, fruits, and vegetables and consume more foods like sweet potato, rutabaga, tofu, pure oatmeal, and other easier to digest foods. Slowly increase beans, leafy greens, and other fibrous foods as you go. Hope this helps!

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    Posted by Yaya at 12/24/15 01:46:22

    I remember getting hot and cold shakes during the night. I've been Vegan for 2 months now and I have a new symptom, and this is why I joined this conversation. Other than that, I feel great, learned a lot of great recipes, and boy, have I lost weight!

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