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I have been vegan for about a year and a half. Since then I have been getting sick the last 10 months at least once ever couple of months. I am in college and every time I fly home every couple of months I get sick! I don't feel bad on a vegan diet I enjoy eating vegan. I either get sick before coming home or a couple of days after I am home I will get sick. I have been home for 2 weeks now for summer break and I just got sick again! I think I eat a decently good diet with variety such as I make my own water melon juice, salads, lots of stir fry with rice, toast and avocado, soy products, almond milk, seeds and nuts and so on! I need help figuring out how I can help my self from getting sick all the time. I am a vegan because I don't like the slaughtering and torturing of animals just so I can have an omelet or a piece of stake. I am getting desperate here. Please I need help.

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    Posted by hoffqoff at 06/09/17 03:09:01

    I enjoy being vegan but keep getting sick too! I'm new to veganism and have only been so for the last 6 months. Not sure why, and would like to know what my body is lacking so that I can address it without going back to meat. Let's hope someone in this community can help us out...

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    Posted by westcornersville at 06/10/17 07:17:38

    The microbiome contains a lot of the immune system of the body. One must build up the good bacteria (among other microbes) via probiotics (basically fermented foods, some of which are vegan, including tempeh, vegan kimchi, fermented pickles, soy sauce, etc. to put the good bacteria into your body) and prebiotics (found in onions, garlic, raw jicama, bananas, Jerusalem artichokes, among other foods) which nourish the good bacteria in the stomach/intestines/etc. This applies to vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters. There's a lot of info about this online. I've been a vegetarian for 30 years and gradually became a vegan over the years (especially past 10 years) and rarely get sick, though it's only been recently that I've learned much about the microbiome. Hopefully others here will have other ideas as well.

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    Posted by JJones315 at 06/10/17 12:06:51

    Hello - There has been much new information learned about the common cold in recent years. A few things to keep in mind, the most important thing being: what you are eating is not a major factor - so, keep on being vegan.

    Also (in general): response to the cold virus is a factor of a strong immune system - not a weak one; younger people get more colds than older people - so this will pass with time; your best defense is to wash your hands before eating, drinking or touching your face.

    Hope this helps - JJones315

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 06/10/17 16:07:44

    I have been vegan for 17 years and never get sick any more. In fact, my health insurance was going to cancel me if I did not visit a doctor because it had been over five years. My blood tests and exams showed me to be in perfect health. It was not this way before going vegan.

    Generally being vegan increases the body's ability to fight all disease. This has been showed in studies and is supported by the AMA to my understanding.

    To be a healthy vegan, here are some tips:

    1. Every day take a vegan pill of vitamin D3. You can find D3 caplets at Puritan's Pride web site under the search "Plant Based D3." You can not get enough D3 from the sun unless you spend most of the day outside without clothes and do not shower. Without D3 your immune system is compromised. You can get a blood test from your doctor for D3 levels. D3 is found in milk and not plants. It is easier and more animal and eco-friendly to simply take a pill.

    2. Every day take vitamin B complex from either Nutritional Yeast, preferably organic, or a synthetic sub lingual dropper. B comes from eggs and is not found in plants. It also is derived from bacteria but in the modern world we prefer to wash our hands and many bacteria are dangerous to ingest. It is easier to sprinkle Nutritional Yeast in food like on salads or in soups or in cooking in general with its mild nutty flavor than to cook eggs. It is also more animal and eco-friendly. You can also get a blood test for B levels.

    3. Go to a state licensed Herbalist and study Medical Herbology, visit an acupuncturist and enjoy the extreme relaxation it provides, find a good medical masseur, practice meditation, chanting, Tai Chi and Yoga. All of these practices are vegan and improve health and can be practiced when well to ensure a healthy body. The most important one is Medical Herbology. After seeing a good Western Herbolist one can do it themselves. There is a great radio show found on the web called, "The Herbal Highway" which gives a great over view on Medical Herbs.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 06/10/17 16:15:54

    Also, it could be your home that is the source of the illness. Drink bottled water. Your pipes may be dirty or corroded. Do you live near sugar cane fields? Do they spray pesticide? Does your family cook meat in this house? You could be suffering from cross contamination.

    Also, it could be the air flight. When you fly you are exposed to a lot of ultra violet light, x ray light and other harmful sun radiance that the metal of planes can not protect you from because they are not manufactured to do so. Also planes share air circulation and there are a lot of people with viruses and bacteria that go air born and you may be breathing such things. Eating high anti-oxidant foods and juices when landing is a great idea to battle the sun issue, shower when landing to clean off any external bacteria and find out about herbs to combat anything internalized.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 06/10/17 16:21:35

    One last tip, eat organic poi. Organic poi is very good for health and happiness.


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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 06/11/17 03:40:13

    More thoughts after time reflecting:

    Does your house have asbestos? Do you rely on air conditioning? Have the air vents ever been cleaned out? Some houses have asbestos in the air vents from remodeling when they put in the popcorn ceiling and the air system sprays asbestos when the air is on or the vents are dirty and mildew is spread by the vents. Do other people get sick in this house? Are they as sensitive as you? Is it lung related? If your dining table is under a vent it can effect your digestion.

    If only you get sick, it is probably the plane since it only happens when you go home.

    It is easy to blame the vegan diet, but it may be something else entirely. This is especially true if it only happens when you go home.

    Maybe Pele does not like you leaving and is trying to keep you there.

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    Posted by hoffqoff at 06/12/17 07:52:38

    Thank you for your responses. I'm glad I don't have to give up being vegan, despite others suggesting I'm getting sick (hay fever-y) because of the vegan diet.
    I'll try these suggestions out and see how it goes.

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