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I was going to start my first topic by writting "WTF", but wanted to be more reader friendly. Lol
Anyway, just started eating primarily vegggie for 5 weeks. Juicing kale, granny apples, carrots, cucumbers and ginger for lunch (only) for past 5 weeks and but have not lost a single pound and my belly is still big, or maybe bigger! WTH (heck)! I change to monk fruit from sugar; been drinking green tea w/ lemon only, 1x per day; stopped eating red meat for 3 weeks straight; I even stopped eating bagels! In general, I've been eating healthier and expected to lose a lot of weight and belly by now.
FYI, the juicing is without the pulp and not organic. I figured I still would have lost some weight regardless. Any thoughts what I may be doing wrong?

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/08/14 09:04:58

    Just as important as what one eats is how one exercises, when it comes to weight loss or gain.

    Have you substituted other meats for "red" meat?
    The idea that chicken or other meats are less fattening is largely a myth.

    How much of your calories come in the form of dairy products? They are also fattening, and "low-fat" dairy products are largely a myth also, because the dairy industry makes that claim by measuring fat by weight, instead of the correct calories.

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    Posted by Armstrong2Zappa at 04/07/14 12:50:05

    Agree with the first response. Eliminate dairy from your diet. Then start to eliminate the meat (animals; chicken, beef, turkey, etc.), is a good start for great information and recipes.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 04/08/14 07:57:41

    The founder of PCRM was kind enough to endorse my first published book, in 1997.

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    Posted by DunkiesandDimeys at 06/18/14 12:27:09

    I'm sorry to hear about your frustrations. That must be really disappointing.
    I agree with everything everyone else has said. It is also important to watch for the sugars in the fruits and juices you have been consuming. I had a doctor that recommended staying completely away from fruit juices because of this, even though they sound like they'd be healthy. Opt for water, instead, which is actually great for the metabolism and will help you stay fuller longer.

    If this problem persists, you may want to have your thyroid checked out to make sure it's functioning properly. If it is not, this can make it very difficult or impossible to lose weight.

    It is also important to only eat when you're truly hungry, not just because it's time to eat or that you're craving something sweet. In order to lose weight, you need to only eat when you have slight hunger pangs or feel that they will be coming soon. Lots of people say it's bad to wait till then, but it's actually not. That's your body telling you it's time to eat, not that you're starving.

    It may also help to track your calories to make sure you aren't eating too much. Myfitnesspal is a great site for tracking calories and having some support, since they have a forum. However, if you don't want to do that you can get a notebook and write down your calories right after each meal or when you get home from work. Just make sure you keep track of everything, and try not to just guess.

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