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I am new to a vegetarian much rotten meat may i expect to eliminate? And does the ingestion of the occasional insect by accident upset the karma?

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    Posted by toxiegirll at 09/26/07 06:18:46

    after I became vegan I did not expel anything more than what I normally did, that will only happen if you actually take a colon cleansing product, which in that case would depend on your body and if the product actually works or not. and i'm sure it's fine if you accidently swallow a bug, its an accident so I wouldn't dwell on it too much. And if you are wanting to eliminate things from your body I would say a vegan diet would be better, still consuming dairy isn't going to help you mush considering our bodies dont' digest it right, I mean it's for baby calves not humans.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 09/26/07 11:46:37

    Since so much food is grown around insects you are guaranteed to get some bugs now and then. That's normal and happens to everyone, I wouldn't worry about it. Yeah, and as for changing diets, the only difference you might expect to see is more volume in your stool if you are eating more fiber than before.

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    Posted by prettypretty88 at 10/04/07 10:21:50

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 10/05/07 08:30:38

    Hey Joe! - welcome back once again - why do I never get the feeling that your questions are serious? ? Which is your favorite insect Joe?


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