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I am sorry if anyone takes offense to this, but i am in highschool right now and i am in forensics, which deals with performance, and i am in the event of oratory to persaude people to become vegan. ( I am a vegan) and i know many facts, but b/c i've grown up in a city with no other veg. people i dont have any general information. for the begging of my speech i need an attention getter, and instead of just listing illnesses, i would really like to have a health story that involves somebody who had to go vegan b/c of their health, so if anyone has any suggestions i would be very greatful.

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    Posted by peanut at 02/27/08 16:24:08

    show pictures of what they do to animals and let that speak for itself. Also give websites and recipes. I would make something vegan that wouldn't be tooo wierd for a 1st timer and let everyone have a taste, it might open someones eyes and demistify any wierdness they might have had about vegan food options.
    I hope I was helpful. Good luck with your speech!

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    Posted by Phantom010436 at 09/15/08 00:39:22

    Meat is acidic and contains lots of toxins.Meat is one of the main causes of Cancer.

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