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Hey everybody, I'm really into weight training and I'm trying to put on a lot of mass (bulking), I'm 16 and I weigh 175 pounds, I've gained about ten pounds of muscle in the past few weeks and I'm happy with how its going but I also really want to go Vegan (I currently am not), can someone tell me how to consume around 4000 calories on a Vegan diet? I know it can be done but I'd like some advice, thanks!

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 05/12/16 07:18:53

    Have you contacted any vegan bodybuilders? They may be the folks best qualified to answer your question...

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    Posted by Sugar.Starch at 05/14/16 21:43:48

    I eat 4-5k calories a day minimum as a 17yo vegan male teen myself.
    My advice would be, depending on if you actually need the calories, is to focus on specific foods that promote weight gain.

    If I eat 6k calories of bananas for a week, and not move, I do not gain weight, in fact I lose weight.
    If I eat 3k calories a day with 1k from oatmeal, I'll maintain or even gain a little.

    Other than that, in terms of calories, try blending up bananas or dates into a huge smoothie, slam in mangoes, eat grape-nuts (or equivalent) cereal, toss sugar in things generously or make a sports drink out of it, eat less clean in general, eat certain Asian dishes such a topoki-type of meal, eat 1-1.5k+ calories of potatoes, eat huge pasta meals, drink 60oz+ bottles of juice for a snack/quick meal, etc.

    I currently weigh mid-low 140s, and have to restrict myself from bicycling or lifting too much and force myself to eat fattier foods and more processed garbage just to keep weight on simply because regardless of how many calories I eat, it has no impact on keeping weight on.
    Just experiment, oatmeal is one of the best things to keep weight on me.

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    Posted by Robinwomb at 05/15/16 03:56:13

    I'll start by saying I am not a male, I am a 43 year old 112 lb active female, but I had to put on 22 lbs to restore weight from being sick with anorexia for a long time. I did it all as a vegan and it took about a year.

    These are some of the foods I ate to help me gain weight. I also ate about five meals per day, spread out more evenly, instead of trying to do everything in three meals.

    homemade whole wheat seeded bread with blackstrap molasses baked into it, as well as ground flax. I would have peanut butter, almond butter, or sunflower butter on it too.

    smoothies with bananas, chia seeds, about 3 cups of packed leafy greens, other fruit such as canatoupe, berries, oranges etc. Many times I would add a vegan protein powder such as Source Naturals Pea Protein, or Vega Protein powder, or Plant Fusion. Smoothies are versatile and you can add stuff like avocado, coconut milk, nut/seed/peanut butters or whole nuts, carrots, pumpkin, molasses.

    I snacked on medjool dates and figs a lot.

    whole nuts such as almonds, brazil nuts, or handfuls of seeds like raw pumpkin or sunflower. I would add these to oatmeal or raw buckwheat groats for breakfast, along with fresh fruit and shredded coconut and so on.

    Soak and eat some whole grains raw, such as buckwheat groats, quinoa, or oat groats. One cup of raw soaked and sprouted grain is doubled the calories and nutrients as one cup cooked, because it is more condensed and not full of water in it's raw state. I have also sprouted lentils and brocoli seeds and added them to salads with avocado based dressing.

    full fat plant milks.

    Flax oil on salads, in sandwiches, in smoothies etc

    make sauces with blended cashews or almonds as the thickener. I have made homemade vegan mayonnaise, alfredo sauce, "cheese" sauce, and numerous other dips and sauces with blended cashews and almonds. I also use almond flour in baking, especially when I make gluten free vegan baked goods for others. Almond flour is WONDERFUL for making a moist, rich, buttery flavored baked bread.

    Learn to make seitan if you haven't yet, as this is a very high protein food made with vital wheat gluten.

    I also utilized Robert Cheeke's book "Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness". He includes a lot of information on how to build mass as a vegan and has specific menu examples of what to eat to gain mass.

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    Posted by Horsenog at 06/05/16 03:46:47

    Healthy, fatty foods that are calorie dense are the way to go. I am very into weightlifting and nutrition, and if you are looking to build muscle with fat/protein is better than carbs/sugar, which is more likely to make you gain fat. Good foods include nuts/nut butter, avocados, coconut milk and tofu. If you just want to gain a lot of muscle quickly and don't mind a little fat gain, then include lots whole grains (pasta, rice, oatmeal) and starches/sugars (potatoes, corn, bananas, mangos).

    There are lots of great vegan weightlifters and vegan weight lifting sites/forums/articles out there too. In fact, has a few meal plans that are in that calorie range if you want something more specific.

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    Posted by yourvegankitchen at 09/12/16 23:31:32

    I like the recommendation of figs! They are in season atm!


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