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Seeds are the most concentrated form of natural, non genetically modified organism nutrition produced in nature known to mankind.

Infact a seed contains 30 times more nutrients and antioxidant potencies than the surrounding fruit tissues.

Unlocking those potent nutrients by the unique cold press prossess, seperates the seed fibers from the lipids.

And harvests all those concentrated antioxidants, essential fatty acids, dissolved minerals, phospholipids and phyrosteriods.

8-10 portions of fruits + 8-10 portions of vegetables + 2-3 portions of omega fatty acids is equivalent to one small sachet of rain pure seed nutrition.

Please feel free to contact me to learn more about seed nutrition, feedback stories, tested health benefits and ordering the right product for you.

I want you to become energized, revitalized and detoxified from a cellular and mollecullar level.

You deserve to live life to the full and feel amazing.

Kind regards
Stuart Donaldson
Your Rain International distributer.

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