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Hi HappyCow Webmaster - Thank you for creating this cool new community forum. It's great. Peace - Chia.

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    Posted by webmaster at 05/08/07 16:45:39

    yw :-)

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    Posted by Tofu at 06/11/07 17:48:15

    yes, I love it.

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    Posted by stef42678 at 06/25/07 01:30:47

    I just wanted to say how much I love HAPPYCOW! It is such a great resource and it is amazing all the information you can find. I love not only giving my feedback to help out other veggies, but also to find out about new places and products. Thank you!

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    Posted by Tom at 07/13/07 05:18:31

    I second Stef's comment !

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    Posted by The Veggie Cook at 07/31/07 00:12:31

    Yes - Thank you guys for running the EXCELLENT web site. I've used it in the past years to find so many vegetarian restaurants I would not have otherwise come across. Blessings!! aaaaaa

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    Posted by gindot at 10/13/07 21:13:32

    I just was checking out the celeb list of veggi's. Drew Barrymore is not there. I know she is a vegan.

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    Posted by Aardy at 02/09/08 11:58:23

    Yes! Thanks Webmaster Eric, a vote for your work and this site from Europe. It has connected me to so much good information and helps to seal my resolve to remain vegetarian for the rest of my life.

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    Posted by KellyVeganGirl at 06/18/08 16:18:32

    I like this too and it's my first day.
    I wish the avatars were bigger though. lol

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    Posted by KellyVeganGirl at 06/27/08 18:24:49

    Drew Barrymore is not vegan gindot. She used to be vegetarian though but she stoppd since she said it made her fat. What made her gain weight was the dairy not avoiding meat, but she doesn't seem to get that.

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    Posted by Rhii at 05/08/09 03:38:18

    Just wanted to say that HappyCow is a brilliant site for people all over the world to get together and discuss the one thing they all have in common - being Vegetarian/Vegan.

    Well done HappyCow! :D

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