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I submitted a bunch of restaurants a month or two ago, and they still haven't showed up. Is this a typical time frame?

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    Posted by webmaster at 09/09/08 15:31:00

    Hi felmotes - Thanks for your inquiry. Were the listings you sent 100% vegetarian???

    New submissions are added according to a set of guidelines, with 100% pure vegetarian restaurants (or health food stores) given top priority.

    For complete details, please see:

    PS. We encourage visitors to submit only listings that are 100% pure vegetarian or very very veggie friendly. HappyCow's goal is to support such veg business, and keep them going!

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    Posted by webmaster at 02/26/09 12:19:11


    I suspect the listings you tried to add were MEAT restaurant.

    See this link for some guidelines on adding NON-veg restaurants:

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    Posted by lysi at 03/17/09 06:22:25

    Another question on submission, is there an area in the profile section where one can see the restaurants that were originally submitted by myself? I'm pretty sure I remember adding some and it's lovely to see other folks liking the place(s) too, but I can't remember exactly which ones I added as "new" listing or which one I just reviewed. Am I not in the right place or if it doesn't exist, a suggestion for the site to add a section to user profiles that shows which restaurants were added by that user.

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    Posted by webmaster at 03/17/09 09:19:51

    Hi Lysi,

    Yes, you can see your reviews on your profile page:
    or a list of all the reviews you've written here:

    We don't have a page of listings submitted by you, but might consider adding one since it would be relatively easy. However, it would be based on an email address and many people end up changing that from time to time so results might vary.

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    Posted by lysi at 03/22/09 01:57:29

    Thanks for the response. I had found the reviews, but as you confirmed there is no section, at least at the moment, where one can see listings submitted. I understand about the email addresses - thought it was linked to the "user id" of logged in members.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 03/23/09 21:51:02

    I like your idea lysi - perhaps there can be stat's for submitting updates also.

    I support anything which encourages more listings / more accurate listings!

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