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I know that HappyCow has a list of the top-rated veg*n restaurants in the world, but I think it would be interesting to see a list of countries/provinces/etc. ranked by veg*n density. Here's what I know:

* HappyCow has a list of veg*n restaurants

* It shouldn't be too hard to find the area of a country/province/state/etc.

* So, you could create a feature that allows you to see a list of countries/provinces/states, etc. sorted by veg*n restaurants/km^2.

I feel like this would not just be cool, but could help people who want to travel somewhere, but are not sure where. They can look at that list, and then see where has the most/least options per km^2.

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    Posted by eric at 08/02/16 17:18:38

    Hi 1998tkhri,
    Have you checked out this page?

    Best, Eric

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    Posted by 1998tkhri at 08/03/16 18:15:27

    Yeah, but how was that list calculated? Here's what I got for each item on that list, using HappyCow and Wikipedia as resources:

    Berlin (DE):
    396 restaurants
    891.7 km^2
    3,610,156 people
    SO, Berlin's density is (396/891.7 = ) 0.444096 by area, or (396/3610156 = ) 0.000110 by population.

    New York City (US-NY):
    274 restaurants
    1,214 km^2
    8,550,405 people
    SO, NYC's density is (274/1214 = ) 0.225700 by area, or (274/8550405 = ) 0.000032 by population.

    Portland (US-OR):
    272 restaurants
    376 km^2
    583,776 people
    SO, Portland's density is (272/376 = ) 0.723404 by area or (272/583776 = ) 0.000466 by population.

    San Francisco (US-CA):
    150 restaurants
    600.6 km^2
    864,816 people
    SO, San Francisco's density is (150/600.6 = ) 0.249750 by area or (150/864816 = ) 0.000173 by population.

    London (UK):
    480 restaurants (including EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, W1, WC1, WC2, and SW1)
    1,572 km^2
    8,673,713 people
    SO, London's density is (480/1572 = ) 0.305344 by area or (480/8673713 = ) 0.000055 by population.

    I could continue with the runner-ups, but I'll stop here for now... if this list was ranked by density by area, the order would be-

    San Francisco
    New York City

    or, if it was by density by population is would be-

    San Francisco
    New York City

    I feel like a page that does these kinds of calculations (I personally think that density by area makes the most sense) could be useful.

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    Posted by eric at 08/05/16 01:19:10

    Hi 1998tkhri -
    Those were based on our internal survey, not density, but density makes sense. If you're up for calculating density on the list of "Cities with the Most Vegan Restaurants" I'd be happy to add the results. So like "Berlin density = 0.000110 by population"
    Please email me directly if you have time for that. eric at happycow.

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