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Hi everyone,

We've had many requests to allow members to rate a listing without adding a review.

In our discussions so far it seems like a bad idea since there is no accountability, and could easily hurt a restaurant's business without offering any feedback to owners who care to improve.

Would be great to get your ideas / suggestions regarding this as well here in this thread.

Thanks, Eric

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    Posted by Stevie at 09/16/15 18:58:38

    Hi Eric,

    Maybe I am reading this incorrectly.

    My understanding was that the original poster suggested having the ability to add a written review of a restaurant without giving a rating out of 5. My personal view is this is a sensible suggestion.

    My interpretation of what you seem to be suggesting seems to be providing the converse of what was originally proposed. Namely you are talking about the ability to leave a rating out of 5 without the need to provide a written review.

    My apols if I have misinterpreted any of this.

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    Posted by tgape at 05/11/17 22:24:08

    I'd say being able to submit a review without a rating should be fine. The converse, however, should not be allowed.

    I've certainly had restaurant experiences which, while I disliked them, I felt shouldn't reflect on the restaurant's reputation as a whole so long as they were as rare as they should be. For example, if I go to a restaurant one time and see a waitstaff personnel who is working while obviously sick, that could've just been poor judgement on that person's part. But if it happens frequently because the restaurant management is unsympathetic to employees who are sick and to customers who don't want to get sick from sick employees bringing them food, I'd like the health inspectors to shut them down, or failing that, give them bad reviews. I'm probably not going to personally go back to that restaurant often enough to find out how common it is if I'm not already a regular - but posting a review about it could help people identify that trend. There's also plenty of less serious cases where the FDA wouldn't get involved - one bad waiter doesn't mean a restaurant is bad, so long as the restaurant management deals with the one bad waiter. The first time I experienced that at a place, I'd be inclined to give the restaurant a ratingless review so that other people could be alert to track that also. Or maybe I've already given a rating, don't want to change that, but do want to comment that the place has had a management change, and the new management has addressed concerns previous reviews have mentioned.

    Allowing someone to change a restaurant's rating without explaining why just seems like a bad plan to me.

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    Posted by charlotteangel at 05/12/17 14:37:40

    I agree that it's not a good idea to be able to give a rating without providing some kind of written review. I think that you need to justify the rating you give and the comments are what qualify the reason for the rating.

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    Posted by verbosity at 01/27/18 01:16:48

    ratings including a review suggest genuine effort/interest. the reviews do not have to be lengthy, so no one should have an issue with this system.

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    Posted by AnnaWacker at 01/27/18 04:42:17

    Hi Eric,

    I think it makes this side more personal and fun having ratings with reviews.
    It has given me a much better change to get a feeling of a restaurant.


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