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5 points are allocated for listing a business
4 points are allocated for reviewing a business

It takes a lot more effort to list a business (finding them in the first place, ascertaining that they are listable, potentially having to contact them, collecting and adding information such as address, contact details, opening hours etc), whereas writing a review only takes a minute or 2. Should not the points reflect that extra effort?

I find reviews and photos very useful, but they do not exist without listings.

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    Posted by eric at 01/29/18 20:43:26

    Hi Verbosity,
    We've actually been giving this considerable thought. We are thinking about giving extra points for vegan restaurant submissions only. Still undecided though.
    Thanks, Eric

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    Posted by verbosity at 02/01/18 00:52:16

    Vegan restaurants are easy adds and are generally very well marketed within the vegan community.
    Vegetarian and (especially) omni businesses with vegan food need promotion to necessitate the demand required to increase supply, they are also more difficult to find & to add.

    Perhaps it makes more sense to increase the points for vegan establishment reviews and photos (verses non-vegan establishments), rather than the additions, as a way of supporting vegan choices?

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    Posted by verbosity at 02/02/18 21:18:28

    I just noticed that
    3 stars = fair
    4 stars = very good

    there is definitely room for something in between

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