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Many people are voicing their sorrow that the chat room has disappeared from Happy Cow. The chat room was a fantastic avenue for vegans and vegetarians to share their experiences, recipes, and simply a place for people who don't have many others who share their values to commiserate. It was a valuable resource for new vegans and vegetarians to get real-time information and support. It would be a shame to see it not return.

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    Posted by samken at 05/29/16 23:40:07

    I second the eloquent plea by Beatnik to see the chat room return. The chat room allowed vegan friendships to flourish, assisted baby vegans in taking bigger steps, and even converted the occasional carcass eater who found his match in the chat room. Happy Cow's indispensable list of vegan restaurants and vegan chat are synergistic. They share a symbiotic relationship. Please bring back chat. Make the Happy Cow whole again!

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    Posted by jen.mangomouse at 05/29/16 23:46:45

    Where's chat? Waaaahhh! I so enjoyed visiting chat, in hopes of helping out new vegans, vegetarians, and veg-curious people. New folks would come in and express relief that there was somewhere to go for support, friendship, and information from actual people in real time. 'Old' folks (people who'd return to chat again & again) enjoyed keeping in touch this way too! Hoping you will bring the chat room back. : )

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    Posted by eric at 05/30/16 00:20:10

    Hi Guys-
    Sorry about that, it was an oversight. We'll have it back asap... probably a day or two. I can post again here once it's live.

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    Posted by Zo at 05/30/16 00:28:15

    Surprised to see the chat down, it served such an influential avenue for people to connect from around the world on such a noble common ground,possibly even meet and develop life changing relationships like many have. Not to mention the information people are able to access by talking to real life people when entering the VEG life style. I think it would serve a big purpose to have it up and running again.
    Thank you for your time, service and consideration making the world a better place with

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    Posted by missdawn at 05/30/16 00:38:34

    Yes, what they all said, gosh dernit! Chat is an integral aspect of this website. It provides a sense of community that, for some, may otherwise not exist.


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    Posted by BlueTurtle at 05/30/16 02:15:12

    (:-:) pleassssseeee let us have chat back :)

    /me runs back and forth hopefully

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    Posted by oneoh1 at 05/30/16 02:24:30

    I've been using the HC chat room since 08. My veggie home away from home. Lots of great people chat it up there and it's fun to interact on the many veggie issues. It's used extensively by established members and it's a great encouragement for new veggies who drop in. Please bring back the chat room !

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    Posted by Frenchtoasty at 05/30/16 16:20:11

    I almost had a panic attack when I couldn't find the chat feature, the community that has built there is absolutely incredible and feels like family. miss y'all. Can't wait for it to be back up!

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    Posted by eric at 05/30/16 16:50:21

    Hi Everyone,
    The link is back to the chat room on your profile page now. We'll implement it better asap.
    Cheers, Eric

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    Posted by Pete- old energy at 06/04/16 16:15:11

    I badly miss chat because of the friendships I have made. Not often do I have the time to spend on Chat, but when I do those minutes are valuable for my knowledge and for a bit of online social experience.


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    Posted by Cascadian at 06/06/16 05:41:23

    Thanks for bringing back chat, Eric! It would be great to have it and the events calendar featured more prominently in the links section at the top of the main page. :-)

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