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An idea about the policy regarding listed non-veg restaurants. Maybe I'm understanding it wrong, and there is no 100% ban on listing restaurants that serve veal etc., in which case ignore me.
The "While we are aware that some areas might not have fully vegan restaurants--and that knowing a place that offers a few vegan options could be useful--we choose to list restaurants that meet at least a minimum criteria (see below).
We are interested in supporting businesses with menus that show a hint of compassion, and we feel that servings especially such as veal, lamb, shark fin, foie gras, etc... often preclude that." Just always read that way to me ^^

Which I can totally understand not wanting to support businesses that support particularly cruel methods, I'd rather add a disclaimer "This restaurant serves baby animal meat" or something instead of not listing it at all. I've been to some places that had quite a large variety of veg*an foods, but weren't on here, presumably because of some of their meat options. Which, as noted in the disclaimer itself, can be quite annoying especially in areas that don't have a lot of veg*an options at all.

People go veg*an for all sorts of different reasons, my primary motive is the environment, but I also care a lot about animal & human rights. I'd love to have the option to note what other types of 'ethical' or 'unethical' options a place has and then decide for myself whether I want to support it. Local veal & Fairtrade coffee? Fine by me. Nestlé plastic bottle water & imported quinoa burgers? Rather not so much.

I'd be cool to maybe have a range of criteria to pick in addition to the type of store/restaurant, like organic, no cruelty meat, halal, zero waste, etc. Would've been greatly helpful the plenty times I've searched for a café with Fairtrade coffee AND soy milk haha.

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    Posted by eric at 02/18/18 18:48:37

    Hi Nanchi,
    "...often preclude..." does not mean 100%. It's case-by-case. Please review this forum thread for more info:
    Regarding the additional types, the issue is that those do change often and are difficult to keep track of. While it sounds cool to have a search option for "zero waste" or "Fair-trade" it would easily lead to inaccurate data. BTW, "Organic" is already a search option filter. "no cruelty meat" does not exist so will not be included.

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    Posted by Nanchi at 02/20/18 18:09:06

    Ah, saw that thread and it didn't look relevant at first glance, but I'll have a closer look :)

    Well Fairtrade at least is an official label same as Organic... Although 'organic' can also mean different things depending on the country/certificate.
    A lot of places aren't 100% organic, zero-waste etc., but some might offer more in one direction or the other.
    "Cruelty free meat" was bad wording, sorry.

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    Posted by MaxSievers at 05/17/18 05:40:45

    I don't discriminate between non-vegan businesses. Cheese means slavery, veal, torture etc. The meat and dairy industry is one industry! So I don't understand why foie gras and shark fins are considered to be a no-no while all the other non-vegan items are okay.

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