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It'd be great to have a way to search the forums by keyword. Like for this suggestion - no clue if someone's already submitted it! I scrolled through 1 page of suggestions, but stopped there. That's probably pretty typical of how people search for information without an option to plug in keywords.

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    Posted by snoop185 at 12/07/16 11:37:01

    You'd think that 'searchable' would be a default option on any forum template.

    Definitely need this feature :)

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    Posted by eric at 12/07/16 18:44:26

    Hi guys, we're working on it. For now you can use the search by google at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

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    Posted by Nanchi at 02/18/18 13:57:47

    Is there a way to narrow down the google search to just the forums? Cause otherwise it throws up mainly listings of restaurants & blog articles...

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    Posted by eric at 02/18/18 19:53:07

    Just added a simple (temporary) solution below. It should kick in and only search the forum in the next hour.

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    Posted by Nanchi at 02/20/18 17:58:38

    Mhh... Still shows me results from the whole site when using "search the forum"...

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    Posted by eric at 02/20/18 18:49:40

    Hi Nanchi, right, its been working intermittently, looking into it.

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