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This is my first post. I hope I have entered this in the right forum area.

This is how I found this site. My wife and I maintain a vegan diet. I saw a mention of the Veg-Out iPhone app in the magazine VegNews. I downloaded the app (costs 2.99). The app gets all of its list from this site and points out the site in the "details" section of every restaurant listing.

I recently went on a business trip to Ann Arbor, MI and used the app/this site to find local vegan and vegetarian restaurants. I was happy to find really great restaurant there, Seva. This was great when I was eating alone.

When I needed to find a restaurant in mixed company with meat-eating business partners, the site was not of that much help, and does not appear to want to list such restaurants that bridge the gap with numerous pointedly vegan offerings alongside meat (usually noted as sustainably farmed, organic, etc.).

Can somebody tell me more about's stance in this regard? Can somebody also tell me where to go to find listings that might be more forgiving on this account by including truly veg-friendly that also serve meat?

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    Posted by The Veggie Cook at 05/07/10 20:36:56

    Hi blindspot.

    When you want to eat at meat restaurants that serve vegetable dishes, you can always go to a THAI food restaurant (ask for tofu instead of meat) or to an INDIAN food restaurant (there's almost always a vegetable section, usually cooked with dairy). You don't need to use a dining guide to tell you about these non-veg restaurants.

    As far as vegetarian dining guides go, HappyCow is by far the best in quality and updates. All the other sites I've seen either are out-dated, or listed too many meat restaurants, and they all copy from HappyCow anyway.

    The restaurants that are truly vegetarian-friendly are most likely already listed on HappyCow. And whenever you find one that's worthy of support by fellow vegetarians and vegans, please add it!

    Here's HC's policy:

    Good luck.

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    Posted by Peace ... at 05/07/10 23:30:43

    Personally, I really feel that is a NEED and DEMAND for Vegetarian Friendly Eateries.

    Veg*n cannot be isolated and live alone in this World, we mingle with meat-Eaters in different ways ...

    Some would not like to support non-veg eateries which I can understand their point of view but in reality things can't be so clear-cut, even the supermarkets that I go for veggies and fruits, vegetarian stuff are also selling meat produces.

    The good news is, for some Non-Veg Food Sites in Singapore like Hungry Go Where, they allow users or owners to send in info for Vegetarian Eateries to be added in their database and have an option like - "VEGETARIAN" for listing out only those vegetarian eateries or Vegetarian friendly eateries.

    These places with millions of hit monthly are one of the good alternatives to "market" vegetarian eateries or non-veg eateries with veg option or for dinner to get such information. Some of the reviews on vegetarian food are written by meat-eaters and they look encouraging.

    It seems like a good place to get meat-eater to see that there is such thing in this world - vegetarian eateries or non-veg eateries with veg*n option.

    It is also very helpful for non-veg who need to organise business lunches or party. And semi-vegetarian or health conscious eaters who also consume little meat like those reviews and info from those sites.

    To add to the fact, some non-veg eateries can really churn out delicious vegetarian dishes than vegetarian eateries because they have the expertise, resources etc and they can offer unique and better dinning ambience which not many vegetarian eateries can afford to build on.

    If more non-veg eateries offer delicious vegetarian food (like those in India), would it change the world or enable more to feel at ease with, get to know, or enjoy vegetarian food more often?

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    Posted by jive at 07/28/10 03:14:00

    That does sound like a good idea. But how would you define veg-friendly? Some resturants have more veggie options than others, so it is hard to know where to draw the line. Burger king has a veggie burger on their menu, but it wont likely be listed on this site any time soon. Happy cow is merely draws the line at resturants that serve steak, lamb, or veal (regardless of how veg friendly they might seem). Otherwise, half the resturants out there would end up listed here, and that would defeat the purpose. If you can think of a better system, then you should post it in the Voice Your Opinion forum.

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    Posted by webmaster at 07/29/10 09:36:21

    Hi Blindspot,

    Sorry for missing your post until now. There is a thorough discuss on this topic, here:

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