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i just added a new listing for a town that generally is not very veg-friendly, but the listing is not showing.

how long does this process take? how do i know if it gets added or not?


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    Posted by eric at 08/20/16 07:22:11

    Hi Korgy,
    It can take up to 10 days for a listing like that to be added as the queue has been running very long. Also, you'll now usually receive a general rejection notification if the moderator decided not to add it. Make sure to always mention all vegan options for more chance to get put through.

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    Posted by scocasso at 09/06/16 15:06:16

    It would be nice to be able to access and edit new submissions which are already in the queue as I just realized after submitting a new listing that I had made a mistake. Now it has gone into the queue and there's no way for me to correct it. I'll have to wait for 10 days, see if the person who looks over my submission spots my blunder, then if not, I guess use the Update Form, which I imagine will take another 10 days to be corrected. Even on the forum one has, "5 minutes to edit after posting it" so why not have a way to view one's submissions currently in the queue and have the ability to edit them?

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    Posted by eric at 09/07/16 12:39:32

    Hi Scocasso,
    Not a bad idea, we'll consider this. It should not take 10days + 10days though... that's the absolute longest it's likely to take. Our turnaround is currently a couple days. :o)

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