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Yes, yes, we all appreciate that we need to be sensible and prepare anything of substance in a programme such as 'Word' and then cut and paste it. In the real world however we are human and sometimes commence what is intended as being a short reply in situ. It gets longer - time drifts by - and then BOOM! One's internet has lost connection to that page and half an hour's work has also been permanently lost. My i.t. knowledge is close to zero, but I get the impression that on many sites one is not timed out provided one keeps typing. However, I lost a detailed post here which was disappointing, particularly as I put in a lot of work instead of going to bed. Please advise as to how exactly the timed out procedure works here. Please presume complete ignorance and you won't be far off the mark. Thanks.

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    Posted by webmaster at 12/29/12 19:08:27

    Hi Longdrive,
    Sorry to hear about that loss. We have had reports long ago of this happening, however, to my knowledge it's been fixed, and now a user session lasts for over an hour. The warning when writing reviews is more of a precaution than a reality. However, the new site is about to be released and with that there could be issues on some scripts. If you find this happens again, please use the contact form and let us know.
    Thanks for your contributions to the site!

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