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I think it would be cool if we had a member of the week for each week. Or member of the month or year. Maybe decided by number of reviews writen the week before, best written review, best picture uploaded, or simply by popular vote. I like the idea of voting on happy cow; it seems like a way to get people more involved. Proposing candidates and whatnot. Hey for that matter, does HC have an ambassador? OK that one is a stretch. LOL but you see what i'm getting at here.

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    Posted by webmaster at 07/25/10 10:58:14

    We actually already are doing "members of the day".

    To be included in this (random) feature, members must have:
    - added some reviews
    - filled out their profile a bit and uploaded a custom avatar
    - logged into their account in the past 7 days

    Did you happen to notice you were selected today? Check out the homepage and the member's list! :-)

    We've considered other ideas, like you've mentioned, but don't want extra work. Also, my thinking on the voting idea is that it may only be used by a handful of members and thus be biased.

    Thanks for sharing these and any other ideas.

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    Posted by jive at 07/27/10 03:31:42

    ok i get ya.... hmmm how about a photo gallery for our profiles? give it a more personal touch maybe?

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    Posted by 4mula1 at 09/04/11 19:06:35

    or try doing, died.

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