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I just noticed when trying to give my favorite restaurant a 5 star review that I was only able to give them a maximum of 4 stars for only being veg-friendly. I personally have no problem with this and support this rating system. Though, I noticed earlier when giving another review to SOL CAL cafe, that it shows them with 4 1/2 stars while scrolling through. Over a year ago they switched from being fully vegan to serving meat and dairy. It seems they were allowed to grandfather in their 5 star ratings from when they were vegan. It doesn't seem fair to me that restaurants that abandon vegetarianism get to keep their ratings exclusive to vegetarian restaurants and not deal with the same handicap as their competitors. They should have to play by the same rules and have their 5 star reviews taken down to 4.

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    Posted by eric at 02/15/17 05:26:30

    Hi VeloVegan,
    Thanks, that was an oversight by TeamCow. I've adjusted it.
    Let me know if you find any others like that.
    Cheers, Eric

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