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I'm aware of hundreds of books on animal rights and related issues.
I'd like to see members create a master list by suggesting their favorites.

Here are my current Top Ten:

Neither Man Nor Beast...........Carol Adams
When Elephants Weep.............Jeffrey Masson
An Unnatural Order..............Jim Mason
Eternal Treblinka...............Charles Patterson
Intimate Nature.................Linda Hogan
Biological Exuberance...........Bruce Bagemihl
Terrorists or Freedom Fighters..Best and Nocella
Animal Liberation...............Peter Singer
Man and the Natural World.......Keith Thomas
Dominance and Affection.........Yi-Fu Tuan

Most of these authors have also published other great books...

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    Posted by Sara456 at 11/21/13 05:47:49

    My favourite books are Carrie by Stephen King and Pride and Prejudica by Jane Austin

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 11/22/13 04:39:03

    Here is a most excellent 'list' - Kim Stallwood's (GrumpyVegan) LibraryThing list -

    Ours is very gradually being built up - as & when we have free time -

    My #1 favorite animal rights book is -

    'Animals' rights considered in relation to social progress' - Salt, Henry Stephens, (1851-1939). The Revised Edition from 1922.

    We have one each of the hardback & the softbound versions in our Ernest Bell Library.

    ......and this wonderful site allows you to read it online for free -

    Here Henry S. Salt is reminiscing about Ernest Bell & about this particular edition of the book - the full article -

    An excerpt -
    His memory, too, was apt to serve him tricks, occasionally a little awkward ones for an unsuccessful writer like myself. For instance, when the Humanitarian League was coming to an end, it was arranged that, in lieu of a testimonial (which I disliked), a sum which they had in hand should be spent in printing a new edition of my “Animals’ Rights,” which Bell would publish, and hold for me. The prospect, you see, was a very pleasant one; I should, for once, be able to play the part of a generous author, and make free with a half-crown book. But when, after some considerable time had passed, the subject was mentioned, E.B. started, looked rather troubled, and explained that he had quite forgotten that the books did not belong to himself; in brief, he had already given them away. What could I do but beg him “not to mention it”? E.B. and I had a hearty laugh over this story. The scope of Bell’s work was wide; and it is to be regretted that when a memorial was proposed, no serious attempt was made to consult the general body of humanitarians, who might have suggested something worthy.

    Our softbound copy even has 2/6= written in soft pencil on the front cover!

    The 'Memorial' to Ernest Bell is now being built up enthusiastically - with the assistance of HappyCow -


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