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on the main page, there are two search boxes: one for "restaurant, region, city, state, region or country", one for "everything else".

i question the need for two search boxes, especially when the first does not seem to be accurate. eg searching for "happy veggies" (either with or without quotes ) results in "Sorry, this location/business was not found, has been deleted, or you have entered an invalid URL." whereas the other gives me accurate listings, detailing all three happy veggies outlets in hong kong).

such skewed results might put the casual user off and i wonder if there's any way to streamline both search boxes.

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    Posted by ouikouik at 08/28/15 10:38:50

    also, a search of "kaohsiung" garners 52 and 170 results respectively.

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    Posted by eric at 08/28/15 11:31:57

    Hi ouikouik,

    Yes, this is on our to-do list.

    When I tried "happy veggies" without quotes in the food finder, I did see in the auto-suggest all 3 locations. However, the result if you don't choose one of those is an incorrect 404 page. Will check into that.

    Thanks, Eric

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    Posted by ouikouik at 08/28/15 21:15:01

    thanks for looking into it. i didn't realise there was an auto suggest, as i'd hit enter right after typing.

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